Unless I’m missing it, there isn’t a big time celeb birth anticipated this summer. Without choices like Knox and Apple to discuss, a few sites have been focusing on the lame (their word, not mine) baby names some celebs give their kiddos. Though by lame, they mostly mean kids named after their parents, like little Cristiano Ronaldo, named after his soccer-playing-papa Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here’s an intriguing celeb(ish) sibset: Tucker, Haven, and Clancy – the younger two are girls, the firstborn is a boy. They’re Lisa Whelchel’s three kids. Yup, Lisa Whelchel – Blair from The Facts of Life, a sitcom I loved so much that I can still sing the theme song. Whelchel’s long since quit the stage to raise a family and manage a Christian ministry focused on moms. She mentioned daughter Clancy in an interview for her new book and I was intrigued. I always find it refreshing to find a former child star who seems truly happy and well-adjusted.

Elsewhere online:

  • I came across a mommy blogger with three boys called Zack, Zander and Zaden. I’m not linking to her because, well, I suspect you all might find it a bit zany. Me? I’ve been wondering what she could call a fourth son;
  • For Real Baby Names spotted a Lestat and a Nikayla in Iowa. Nikayla feels like an inevitable mash-up of Nicole and Makayla. And I assume little Lestat is dressing as a vampire for his first Halloween;
  • For Real also found a Bastion Nikolai in Alaska. Bastion should win some sort of an award. He bridges the softer sound of Sebastian and the uber-masculine vibe of Cannon and Gunner. A bastion is a fortification, but with his implications of protection, he’s almost a virtue name, too;
  • And from the Huey, Dewey and Louie school, there’s a Jakely and a Blakely in Oklahoma. Okay, they’re not related;
  • Here’s another interesting one, this time at Swistle: Aidrick, an alternative to Aidan;
  • Nancy spotted a wild acronym name: Ktyal. No clue on how they’re pronouncing it. I keep wanting to say kay tal, but isn’t that awfully close to the Spanish for what’s up? – ¿Qué tal?;
  • Babble’s been running some not-so-nice baby name riffs. The most recent is on Bryn, as in the name chosen by Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel for her daughter;
  • And lastly, is John gone? A Nameberry post examines the question.

In starbaby news:

On another note, Lurker Week was a smash hit. Thanks to everyone who submitted a new name for consideration. I’ve broken my usual rule about how far in advance I’ll calendar requests, so we’ll be hearing suggestions from new voices well into October!

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. Bastion! The Never Ending Story was my second favorite eighties fantasy film (after The Dark Crystal) so this is the bees knees to me.

  2. Bryn riff gets a woot woot from me for mentioning Bryn Mawr. Absolutely anyone gets an automatic woot for a Bryn Mawr mention, or for simply linking to one, actually 🙂

  3. Love the baby name riff on Bryn!

    Ethan started classes at our local aquarium last week and he has a Cornelia in his class! How fabulous is that?! Her sisters are Madelyn and Arianna (maybe Ariella), though.

    As for John, we had neighbors who named their baby John. The older brother was Reed. A nice set, imo.

  4. This week’s birth announcements in my local paper’s included TWO children named Aviana. I wonder if it will be the next Audrina?

    1. I think you might be right about that. I heard Avianna/Aviana maybe once before this … but post-Amy Adams I think we’re going to hear a lot of parents saying “oh, we liked Aviana way before …” And maybe they’re right – it is a logical successor to Ava/Adriana/Audrina.