Sunday Summary 6.2.17Welcome to June! With the rising heat and all this sunshine, I have summer names on the brain. I wrote this post way back in 2008, but it still speaks to me today. Though I left my favorite Leo- name off the list: Leocadia. And really, I’ve always been attracted to the idea of remaking it into Leocadie.

While we’re talking summer names:

  • Are night sky names the same as summer names? Not exclusively, but star-gazing feels summery to me. If you’d like something less expected than Luna or Stella, start here.
  • Some of the meanings on this list are questionable, but there are some great choices hereEliana’s meaning is a stretch, but it could be exactly the kind of summery choice parents are looking for this season.
  • My list of June names from the wayback. Back then, I wrote that Juniper could be the new Willow. Now Willow is in the Top 100, and Juniper is galloping up the charts. Maybe it’s part of the June sound, and maybe it’s about tree names. But either way, they’re summery and very wearable these days.
  • A list of French summer baby names, including Elouan for a son and Dahlia for a daughter.

Elsewhere online:

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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