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Let’s start with an announcement: every Saturday in March will be March Madness at Appellation Mountain. Nope, I’m not writing basketball-related posts. Instead, you’re voting on your favorites from last year’s most popular posts.

It should be fun!

Elsewhere online:

  • I love Lemon’s guest post at Nameberry on word names: Echo, Tansy, Temple. Ages ago I stumbled across Cascata – the Italian word for waterfall, as in cascade – and I always think of that one when word names are discussed;
  • Speaking of word names, here’s one in the same key from Nancy: Invicta, inspired by a steamroller;
  • ForReal spotted a boy named Ridge. I completely understand why parents would gravitate towards such a rugged, outdoorsy pick, but it seems a little hard to wear for a real kid. It seems more appropriate for a soap opera character;
  • Is it me, or is Finn making a stealth attack? This story from the Chicago Tribune about a 61 year old woman who served as surrogate for her daughter mentioned that the baby name’s is Finnean. Finley, Finnegan, Finbar, Fintan … it seems like every day there’s another way to get to that oh-so-popular nickname;
  • There was a lively conversation about unisex names at Nameberry earlier this week, and so I thought this was timely: from the Quinnipiac Chronicle, a girl named Kyle who loves her name. However, she would’ve liked to buy pink pencils with her name on them. No word on how sisters Shawn, Casey, and Riley feel about their names;
  • MTV suggests names for Honor Warren’s little sister or brother. Somehow I don’t think Jessica and Cash will be using Louboutin or Money, but hey, Sterling has some possibilities;
  • The 30 Rock baby is Elizabeth called Liddy. Here’s the quote from Alec Baldwin‘s character Jack: “We’re calling her Liddy, as in Liddy Dole, G. Gordon Liddy, and my martial arts instructor, Li-Dee.”
  • From BabynameloverBraden loses his “r” and becomes Baden. I wonder if they were thinking of the German resort town?
  • I do truly love the name Evander.

Just a few celebrity birth announcements. I also post these on Facebook:

  • No Doubt’s Tom Dumont and wife Mieke welcomed a third son, Koa Thomas. Koa joins Ace Joseph and Rio Atticus at home. I spotted Koah more than a year ago. Let’s see if it catches on;
  • Rod Stewart and wife Penny welcomed a son called Aiden. All those years of naming babies, and I’m not sure Rod has mastered the art. His older kids are Kimberly, Sean, Ruby, Renee, Liam, and Alastair.

Tomorrow at Nameberry: a list of designer names drawn from Fashion Week 2011, and no, Chanel is not on the list.

That’s all for this week. As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Ashley is lovely, for a dude. It still works as a boy name here in NZ. In fact, it’s #154 for boys in England/Wales so it’s not “gone pink” (eew to that expression) everywhere yet.

    Ridge? I suppose it’s a step up from Crag or Cleft, yes?

        1. I walked right into that one.

          Er, walked right over … oh, never mind. Let’s just hope I don’t meet any children by the name and thus avoid broken bones and/or a horrible death.

  2. Love Tansy! I first heard it as a character in some odd garage-sale picture book my husband picked up. I think it’s great.

  3. I wanted to add that I know a real-life Ridge! He’s a baby with an older sister, Sylvia. I have to say that I can see the appeal. It has a very rugged, manly sound to it.

    I also adore Evander. Too bad my last name ends in -er so it’s out for me!

  4. Oh, and speaking of Finn. Cars 2 will feature a new major character named Finn McMissile, he’s sort of based on James Bond.

    On the one hand, that has made my husband finally commit to Finn. On the other hand, all these new Finns make me feel like the name isn’t special enough.

  5. I have two birth announcements this week: Miranda Sofia and Alejandra Patricia. I love Miranda Sofia, so feminine and beautiful but still grown up and capable. My favorite from people I know in quite a while.

    I met a little Koa about a year ago. I really loved it, they had connections to Hawaii and that’s why they picked it. It’s the perfect choice to go with Ace and Rio, I love their style.

    I hate to say it, but I find Ridge sort of appealing. I wouldn’t use it, but it’s kinda cool. And I’m shocked by the number of Martins. I know of a 3 year old one. I don’t really care for it. I had an old friend named Martin and no one ever called him Marty, it never even occurred to me, actually. I think that’s an easy one to avoid.