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Oh, Holly Madison.  First you promise a daffy, headline-worthy baby name, then you say things like you’re hoping for six children.  While I’ve never watched any of your reality shows, I’m tempted by the potential series you might have in another few years, a mix of 19 Kids and Counting and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  And I’m already eagerly anticipating the arrival of your daughter, Papaya or Mehitabel or whatever.

Of course, I’m also eagerly awaiting a birth announcement from Buckingham Palace in 2013, though that’s many months down the road, and I’m going to try not to jaw on about Kate and William’s baby for the next six months.

Try, I said.  And I fully expect to drop whatever I’m doing as soon as the big announcement breaks.

In other news:

  • How much do I enjoy Elea’s collections of unusual family names from the past?  Here’s her latest installment.
  • Would you ever use Eadric?
  • There’s a Sage Ella in this list of birth announcements from Canberra.  Do you like Sage better for a boy or a girl?
  • Plenty of exotic place names to consider.
  • Do you have any great obscurities hiding on your family tree?  This Aussie couple revived Rubika.  Brave, plus it comes with stylish short form Ruby.
  • Love this essay at Nameberry, and I strongly suspect that Elizabeth will come to appreciate her classic name … just maybe not this year.
  • Is everyone really naming their kiddos Like and Apple?  Then Blue Juniper has a list of some other names we’ll be hearing soon.
  • The best round-up I’ve seen in a while: Fatelynn, Vera, Thatcher, Betty, Adelle.
  • Why isn’t anyone using Martha?  She’s a dragon slayer, after all!
  • A very long list of quirky/exotic/whimsical boys’ name suggestions, courtesy of the Nameberry forums.Yukon, Caledon, Decker, Rowley, Wilder

That’s all for this week!  As always, thank you for reading – and see you at Nameberry tomorrow!

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  1. I normally don’t like Sage, but Ella makes it nice. The obscurities on our family tree aren’t quite so hidden, since my name was my grandmother’s. I like Mahala a lot though (or Mahaley) which belonged to my 2nd great-grandmother. And I’m finding Upton interesting, a 2nd great uncle I think.

  2. I agree with tarabyte – I love Edric, but Eadric just sounds too too. I also wondered what the next child would be named – I feel that once you go with Eadric, you can’t call the next two children Jayden and Mia, or Isabelle and Oliver.

    When I hear Sage, I must confess I think first “pantry staple”, but it seems vaguely more masculine to me. I only ever see it on girls, however.

    Martha is sweet, yet somehow solid; surely due for a comeback?

  3. Hmm, I love Edric and Edmund, but I don’t like that long E sound in Eadric. Sage is all boy to me, and I’m surprised by how appealing I find Pixel. And seriously, would that girl really want “Bug” on her birth certificate? I’m clearly not ready for my daughter to hit puberty 😉

    As for family names – Grover, Sabra, Clora, Elva, and The Family Name That I Must Pass On Lest It Die – Commodore!