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    1. Bree, I can’t decide what is stranger – that they used the name or that they changed the spelling. 🙂

      Who knows? Maybe twenty years from now Renesmee will be in the Top Ten and I’ll have to eat my hat.

  1. Great summary, Hope you had a great holiday! We got the best Christmas gift ever, our daughter was born Christmas Eve! We finally decided on Rosemary Amelie Belle!

  2. The quints are ABCDE, by the way. I’m sure you knew that.
    Love Clark. Too cute.
    I also love Geogia March…well, the Georgia part, anyway.
    Vanilla? Hm. Nope, that won’t cut it.
    As for Majestyk Valley, well, at least it’s not Charisma Mystalyn.

    1. I’ve heard that in higher order multiple births the doctors refer to the babies as ABCDE and so on. I’m guessing the parents used that to narrow down their possible name choices, which makes it sort of less weird and more bizarre all at once. But hey, it could’ve been Analyn, Braisen, Caydinz, Drayvhin and Emmehleah.

    1. Funny you should mention that, Joy. Clark is on my short list because my dad – Eric – answered to the nickname Clark after, yes, the Griswold family patriarch. There was a particularly chaotic road trip back in my early teens, station wagon and all.