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  1. As I’ve stated before, I’m really not a fan of names that end in “o”. Rocco is no exception, but Rocko is even worse!

  2. Not my style but I don’t hate it! Usually re-spellings bug me, but this one doesn’t seem as bad, seeing as it brings the name back to an actual word ‘rock’. 🙂

  3. Is the baby’s last name Knoxville? If so, they have a K in each name. Rocko Knoxville looks better than Rocco Knoxville. If not, then the baby is probably Rocko Clapp.

  4. I like Rocco a lot, and although Rocko isnt my personal style, it seems to be something one might expect for Johnny Knoxville. I do LOVE the middle name Akira.

  5. Oh, a suggestion for the girl name of the day : Malin

    I don’t know if you have done it (kind of new here 🙂 ) So,if you have done- just ignore it!

  6. Rocco isn’t a bad name. It is a traditional, classic Italian name. As someone on celebrity baby said, its like he was trying to make the name sound ‘kickass’ with the ‘k’. The middle name was Akira

    I would consider the changing to a ‘k’ makes the name fall under the trendy spellings. Interestingly enough, his 13 year-old daughter’s name is Madison. In a way, he has used to trends, as Madison is viewed as trendy now (it might not have been when he first used it.I wonder if the movie Splash inspired it?)

    The ‘k’ does make the name seem a bit gimmicky. I like the name Rocco, but the spelling of Rocko is a bit off-putting.It just looks harsh. I think that comes with a lot of -k alternative spellings. The -k just seems like a harsh letter at times.

    Anyway, congratulations to the family. Hey, I’d take Rocko any day if the week before Moxie CrimeFighter,Dick or Egbert!

    If you want to see what other people said (I commented there as well)