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  1. Tina Fey is now my favorite celebrity namer. She seriously needs to give lessons to the others! I adore Alice Zenobia and Athena, and while I, personally, strongly dislike Penelope, it seems like the perfect choice for the family. I knew she wouldn’t disappoint!

  2. Penelope Athena made me swoon! Went to college with a Penelope… and my beloved alma mater (Bryn Mawr) has a statue of Athena that is perpetually adorned with offerings in the hopes of easing the passing of an exam or class, so it is extremely happy memories all ’round for me… also, Ms Fey’s 30 Rock character, Liz Lemon “attended Bryn Mawr… …on a partial jazz dance scholarship” and that just about makes me want to cheer.

    I flippin’ love Tina Fey *and* her taste in names. Yay, Fey!

  3. Beautiful! I love both girls’ names. They could always go with Nell as a nn for Penelope rather than Penny. Nell and Alice sound great together.

  4. Alice actually had its peak in the UK in the mid 90’s, when it reached the top twenty. Since then, it has mostly been in decline, although it was up to 43rd again in 2010 after slipping to 46th in 2009. Probably because of the Tim Burton film!

    Penelope’s definitely on the rise again in the UK too, though.

    Personally, I think Penelope, Athena, Alice and Zenobia are all super names and ‘go together’ very well indeed!