1. Rosy says

    Tina Fey is now my favorite celebrity namer. She seriously needs to give lessons to the others! I adore Alice Zenobia and Athena, and while I, personally, strongly dislike Penelope, it seems like the perfect choice for the family. I knew she wouldn’t disappoint!

  2. dreadedjaws says

    Penelope Athena made me swoon! Went to college with a Penelope… and my beloved alma mater (Bryn Mawr) has a statue of Athena that is perpetually adorned with offerings in the hopes of easing the passing of an exam or class, so it is extremely happy memories all ’round for me… also, Ms Fey’s 30 Rock character, Liz Lemon “attended Bryn Mawr… …on a partial jazz dance scholarship” and that just about makes me want to cheer.

    I flippin’ love Tina Fey *and* her taste in names. Yay, Fey!

  3. Amy3 says

    Beautiful! I love both girls’ names. They could always go with Nell as a nn for Penelope rather than Penny. Nell and Alice sound great together.

  4. Nook of Names says

    Alice actually had its peak in the UK in the mid 90’s, when it reached the top twenty. Since then, it has mostly been in decline, although it was up to 43rd again in 2010 after slipping to 46th in 2009. Probably because of the Tim Burton film!

    Penelope’s definitely on the rise again in the UK too, though.

    Personally, I think Penelope, Athena, Alice and Zenobia are all super names and ‘go together’ very well indeed!

  5. katybug says

    Agree with Sarah A–I don’t like Penelope myself, but I really like it for Tina Fey’s family. What gorgeously named sisters!

  6. babynamelover says

    What a lovely pairing 🙂 love how Penelope is flirty but is given strength by the mighty warrior Athena 🙂
    Alice & Penelope are just divine as sisters too 🙂 great naming Tina Fey!

  7. Sarah A says

    I’m not a big fan of Penelope, but Penelope and Alice sound beautiful together! And Abby, I think your analysis of the two names is spot-on 🙂

  8. Julie says

    I just finished Tina’s book and when she wrote about the guilt of wanting a second child vs her obligations to the all the people who depend on her at 30 Rock, it broke my heart.

    I hadn’t heard she was pregnant, so this is a pleasant surprise! I love Penelope and now maybe it will become widespread enough that (some) people will stop pronouncing it Pen-eh-lope.

  9. Anonymous says

    As a Greek-American, I have to say I have never, ever, ever, ever, EVER met or heard of anyone named Zenobia. Neither has anyone in my family. I don’t know where she got it, but if it’s Greek, it’s REAALLLLLY obscure.

    And just as an FYI, in Greece, Athena (ah-THI-na) means the city of Athens. Whereas the woman’s name is pronounced with the accent on the last syllable (ah-thi-NA).

    • Julie says

      Tina’s Greek-born mother is named Zenobia, (although she apparently goes by Jeanne.) So at least one family is using the name.

  10. liz says

    It is a great sibset. Just as a small point that would have worried me — Penny & Alice strike pretty different chords — I agree that full on with the middle names, it’s kind of perfect, but I wonder about in practice, will Penny always feel less serious and Alice less fun?
    Not to be a naysayer! More power to Tina & her awesome girls!

  11. Lola says

    I knew she wouldn’t disappoint! 🙂 Penelope Athena is gorgeous alone and utterly divine with big sister Alice Zenobia. Congratulations to them!

  12. Eva says

    Of all the pregnant celebs this summer, I was most looking forward to Tina Fey’s name selection. Alice Zenobia & Penelope Athena are absolutely stunning on their own, but together, they are breathtaking!! I love that the first names are old fashioned, and then she chose funky, fabulous Greek middles. Congrats to Tina!

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