Cat Cora and wife Jennifer have welcomed a son – Nash Lemuel Cora. The couple are now parents to four boys – big brothers are Caje, Zoran are Thatcher Julius.

They certainly have an interesting naming style – I don’t know that I’d have ever guessed that Caje, Zoran, Thatcher and Nash come from the same family.

Just because I really can’t help myself, I have to ask – which Cora name is your favorite? Please vote below.

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  1. I’m another that’s confused about the pronunciation of Caje. I dislike Thatcher, and really, really dislike Nash. Zoran is nicely exotic.

  2. I see “Caje” and I want to pronounce is “kah-ZHAY”. It’s definitely not a name I’d ever inflict on a child.

  3. I’m a bit confused about Caje as well — Is it just a kreeaytif spelling of Cage, or is it pronounced in a Spanish way, like Cah-hay? The latter isn’t very bad, just a setup for a boy having to pronounce his name all the time.

    I, as well, chose Thatcher. It sounds to most like an actual name (and it is, though it originated as an English surname), while Nash is an American name (I stay away from American names), Zoran reminds me of The Legend of Zorro, and Caje didn’t even register on the website I tried. (I got the Latin Cajetanus, but nothing else.) Plus, the pairing with Julius lightens it up a bunch.

  4. I like Thatcher very much, it fits in well with the occupational surnames I tend to favor. Nash is okay, it just seems so borrowed from Nash Bridges. Caje is a somewhat unfortunate choice, but it still comes out way ahead of Zoran, which sounds like a character in a low-budget, science fiction movie circa 1950.

  5. Hmm…I don’t like Nash very much, but Lemuel is quite handsome. Out of all the boys, I would have to choose Thatcher, it’s one of my guilty pleasures.

  6. I’m pronouncing Caje like the cage … sort of like Gage. Or Cajun, I suppose … And Zoran reminds me of the Bond villain played by Christopher Walken. (Except that was Zorin. Still. It’s close.) Apparently Lemuel is a family name.

  7. I picked Thatcher… but maybe that’s just because they paired it with my beloved Julius. Really, none of their names seem at all my style.

    I’m intrigued by Lemuel, though. That’s a biblical name you don’t hear too often.

  8. I was curious about the prn. of Caje too… Cage and Nash seem a little violent almost – gnash and all, you know?

    Definitely an, um, eclectic, set if nothing else.