1. Lyndsay says

    Okay, Kerr-Bloom is officially my favorite last name ever! Hahaha, it would be so much fun to have! Can’t you picture him up to bat at a highschool baseball game, the crowd cheering “FLYNN KERR BLOOM! FLYNN KERR BLOOM!” Ahh, so jealous!

    Also, Finn has been my number one for well over a year now. I’ve been able to get over his current and growing popularity. But with all this business of Flynn exploding all over the place, sigh, I might have to let Finn go. I wasn’t after the next big trend, damn you Fox and Disney and Kerr-Blooms!

  2. M says

    Bloom and Kerr definitely should’ve hyphenated the name- Flynn Kerr-Bloom? KERR-BLOOM? Hilarious!
    Anyway, I love Flynn, but have to agree Flynn Bloom is a bit of a tongue twister.

    • Emma says

      I’ve heard that her surname is pronounced more like Car than Kur. I like Flynn, it seems to tick every box to make it the Next Big Thing. And this has got to be the most beautiful family in the world, right?

  3. Emmy Jo says

    Interesting. Is this another example of parents choosing names that are “opposite” theirs in certain respects? Perhaps Orlando and Miranda always envied those with short, snappy names.

  4. Lemon says

    I love Flynn! Seriously, love it. I’m iffy on Flynn Bloom, though it’s certainly work-able. Flynn Kerr-Bloom, though slightly choppy, flows a tad better.

    I’m not going to lie – I was holding out for Miranda and Orlando to choose a longer name with an AND in it (like both of their own names!), but I couldn’t even think of any. Perhaps Andreas? I’m more of a Flynn fan, though.

    I’d like to know Flynn’s middle name(s), if he’s got one or more…

  5. T says

    On another note, I’m hoping that Gisele and Miranda have started a trend of natural birth and breastfeeding (I just saw a picture she posted of Flynn being breastfed) that will continue. It’s refreshing to hear. I wonder if a more natural approach to birth and parenting will lead to more nature-named babies.

  6. T says

    I have seen it elsewhere as Kerr-Bloom, which flows better with Flynn but sounds like sound effects from an action movie. I was hoping they’d choose a Shakespearean name to go with both of theirs but Flynn is an interesting choice. I think I would have chosen something longer, though.

  7. Bek says

    I thought it was a little funny considering Orlando’s role in Pirates of the Caribbean – Errol Flynn and all that.

  8. Charlotte Vera says

    Hmm, I’m also surprised by the brevity of Flynn’s name coupled with his last name (and his parents’ much longer names). Oh well. . .

  9. Bewildertrix says

    I’ve run across what seems like many Flynns here in NZ, the oldest I know of is 12. It’s been dropping since 2006 – #47 to #71 last year.

    I wonder if Tangled will see Flynn move back up the charts again or if it’s done it’s run already.

    Finn enjoys modest popularity here too.

    Normally, I don’t give a flying toss about the “flow” of a name, but Flynn Bloom does sound a tad comical.

  10. Sarah A says

    I like Flynn, but I don’t like Flynn Bloom. As you said Abby, it “seems abrupt”. I think the 2 Ls make it kind of difficult to say. I’m kind of surprised because both parents have a 3 syllable first name with a 1 syllable last name. Guess they wanted something different for baby!

    @Brandy – good thinking; this starbaby plus the character in Tangled means Flynn is going to be everywhere đŸ™‚

    • Brandy says

      Hearing (here, on AppMtn!!) that Flynn was the next Disney name coming down the pipe a month before our DD put the final nails in the coffin. It was getting too close to Finn for our tastes (my requirements – a name (it has to be a real name!) that we both love, actually agree on, not in the top 1000, goes with our last name… We decided on the name on the way to the hospital!). Flynn is still a wonderful lovely name but I have to agree with everyone, Flynn Bloom is a bit weird.

  11. Brandy says

    Soooooo glad we didn’t name our son Flynn!!! It was the boys name we picked 2 years ago and very happy we decided not to use it on this baby đŸ™‚ I would have been one of those people amending the birth certificate!!!

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