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  1. Okay, Kerr-Bloom is officially my favorite last name ever! Hahaha, it would be so much fun to have! Can’t you picture him up to bat at a highschool baseball game, the crowd cheering “FLYNN KERR BLOOM! FLYNN KERR BLOOM!” Ahh, so jealous!

    Also, Finn has been my number one for well over a year now. I’ve been able to get over his current and growing popularity. But with all this business of Flynn exploding all over the place, sigh, I might have to let Finn go. I wasn’t after the next big trend, damn you Fox and Disney and Kerr-Blooms!

  2. My nearly 6 year old is called Flynn, I love it and am absolutely gutted that it’s becoming more popular!!

  3. Bloom and Kerr definitely should’ve hyphenated the name- Flynn Kerr-Bloom? KERR-BLOOM? Hilarious!
    Anyway, I love Flynn, but have to agree Flynn Bloom is a bit of a tongue twister.

  4. I much prefer Flynn to Finn.

    However, not all Disney names are guaranteed to become popular, just look at Zephyr

    1. I’ve heard that her surname is pronounced more like Car than Kur. I like Flynn, it seems to tick every box to make it the Next Big Thing. And this has got to be the most beautiful family in the world, right?

  5. Interesting. Is this another example of parents choosing names that are “opposite” theirs in certain respects? Perhaps Orlando and Miranda always envied those with short, snappy names.