This name isn’t a surprise – it was announced a few weeks ago – but I wanted to share the news that John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s son Benjamin has arrived!

It is interesting to see how their naming style has changed over the years.  Their firstborn was apparently named after John’s love of aviation, hence Jett.  And daughter Ella Bleu has a name that’s somewhere between traditional and daring.  Both names were ahead of the curve and inspired other parents.  But Benjamin ranked #20 in 2009 – his most popular ever.  No word yet on their name choice – I’ll be curious to hear if they comment on their inspiration.

Congratulations to the family.

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  1. My biblical knowledge is a bit sketchy, but I think that Benjamin was Jacob’s last child and born when he was 100 years old. I mean Jacob, not the baby, that would just be weird. So maybe it’s a reference to their ages/ the fact he’s their last child? Actually, I just realised that makes no sense because they are Scientologists. Nuts.

    It was probably just a name they loved though.