Matt Damon and his wife Luciana welcomed their new daughter, Gia Zavala, yesterday. Mom and baby are both doing well. Thanks to Another for the news alert!

Gia joins big sister Isabella, as well as Alexia, Luciana’s daughter from a prior marriage. No word yet on the thinking behind the name. It’s less conventional than her siblings’ names, but also much shorter. While Gia is a traditional diminutive for Gianna and Giovanna, Zavala has really thrown us for a loop!

We’ll have to see what they say in interviews, but it’s always nice to know the name.

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  1. What about Zenaida as a Name of the Day? It was my grandmother’s name. My 24 year old daughter LOVES it and has it on her list for potential children down the road.

  2. Glad to oblige! Remus is dear to me these days. I’m finding him incredibly appealing. It helps that I knew one in HS (with a twin brother, Roland!) I’ve noted when they’ll be up (especially Remus) and I’ll be thrilled to see what you come up with!
    I had Edward Vladimir/Edgar Vladimir but he, like you thought “too bloodthirsty” even in the middle! And it was yet another of my Great Uncles. ( My Babci had 12 brothers: Pavel, Branimir, Rafael, Pyotr, Bern

  3. WAHOO! What a list!

    You’re right – this could fill up the calendar until Christmas! For now, I’ll pluck a few and fill up the empty spots in mid-September.

    9/11 Vaughn
    9/13 Hector
    9/15 Theron
    9/17 Remus
    9/19 Malcolm
    9/21 Xavier
    9/23 Vladimir

    What a list! We kept toying with the idea of Vladimir if #2 was a boy, but I don’t think we’d have actually used it in the first place – too blood-thirsty. But I *do* love it!