March Madness Baby NamesThis is always the part of March Madness Baby Names that makes me the tiniest bit sad! The opening round is so full of possibility, and then … it’s the quarter finals and time to say good-bye to some favorites.

My favorites lost in five of the eight boys’ match-ups! Then again, the names that made it through are truly great, so it’s easy to imagine one of these eight names winning the whole tournament:

  • Elliott (#16) easily upset the top-seeded Rafferty (#1).
  • #2 Soren just squeaked by Atticus (#15), with less than a percentage point separating them. (Soren had 50.6% of the vote, compared to Atticus, with 49.4%).
  • Emrys (#14) bested Koa (#3).
  • Beckett (#4) crushed Cove (#13), with more than 77% of the vote – the biggest defeat this round. I can see Beckett running away with the whole tournament this year!
  • Atlas (#12) carried the day, beating Cael (#15).
  • This one surprised me! Shepherd (#11) won over Huxley (#6).
  • Defending champion Everett (#10) just squeaked past Sullivan (#7). Everett had just under 53% of the vote.
  • No surprise here – Finn (#8) defeated Fox (#9) with more than 70% of the vote. Fox is a great name, but Finn is well-established as a favorite.

If you’d like to catch up on past winners of March Madness, read the opening round for boys here and for girls here.

Otherwise, let’s proceed to the match-ups for the quarter finals!

Up-and-coming surname name Elliott (#16) takes on Irish favorite Finn (#8).


The victors of our two closest opening round matches face off: Soren (#2) faces Everett (#10).


Fan favorite Emrys (#14) takes on gentle occupational name Shepherd (#11)


The literary Beckett (#4) faces the mythological Atlas (#12)


Voting is open through the morning of Friday, March 20th. Check back on Saturday, March 21st for the next round!

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  1. Shepherd’s charms escape me entirely. I voted Koa over Emrys, but Emrys over Shepherd.

    I know a baby Atlas. I like it a lot.

  2. Remember when Finn seemed like a cool, hip, one-syllable name? Maybe it’s just me, but Finn just seems a tad dusty now and less hip, if that makes any sense. I don’t dislike it- it is still a fine name. It’s just interesting how quickly my impression of the name changed.

    Anyway, enough rambling. Shepherd and Emrys was a very hard one for me. Sadly, I think Emrys will be out this round.