March Madness 2015 boy names

Every March, we hold our own version of March Madness here at Appellation Mountain. The contenders? The sixteen boy and girl names with the most page views in the prior year.

This means that the names in the competition can be a quirky bunch. And, just like in college hoops, the match-ups are by rank, so #1 faces #16, #2 faces #15, and so on. Some match-ups are so tough! They’ll inevitably eliminate a favorite early on.

But that’s why we play the game, right?

The elite fraternity of March Madness winners currently includes:

  • In 2014, Everett narrowly beat out Soren to take the title.
  • 2013’s top name was Archer.
  • In 2012, Arthur claimed the crown.
  • The inaugural year, 2011, was won by Nathaniel.

Now it’s time to vote in the opening round of 2015’s March Madness competition!

The battle of the surnames: #1 Rafferty takes on #16 Elliot 


Two brainy names face off: Philosophical #2 Soren versus Literary #15 Atticus


Which rarity do you prefer? #3 Koa or #14 Emrys?


Fast-rising favorite #4 Beckett takes on lucky #13 nature name Cove


Can #5 Cael carry the day, or will the crowd’s approval rest on #12 Atlas?


Do you prefer brave new name #6 Huxley, or gentle occupational name #11 Shepherd?


The stylish v sound is found in both #7 Sullivan and our defending champion, #10 Everett.


Short, sleek F names face off: the Irish #8 Finn versus fierce nature name #9 Fox:


Thanks for voting, and check back next Saturday to see which names advance to the semi-finals!

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What do you think?


  1. The only names I really like on this list are Atticus and Beckett. I think Atticus could win as a sentimental favorite.

  2. Rafferty, Soren, Emrys, Beckett, Atlas, Shepherd, Everett, and Fox were my choices

  3. So Hard! I have a Jacob Soren, Everett Alan, and Oliver Atticus. And Oliver was almost Sullivan.