After much rumor and speculation, JLo’s rep confirmed that her twins are indeed named Max and Emme. For the coverage from People, click here. For more on the names, check out Spotlight: Max and Emme.

And with that, we’ll officially call Emme as a name to watch for 2010.

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  1. But at least the middle names are nice — Well, Emme’s is. Their full names are Emme Maribel Mu

  2. They are not the names of dragons on the show it is the names of the Human brother and sister on the show.

  3. I’m so dissappointed. I can’t believe that she picked such boring names! And to top it off, they’re the names of the Hispanic twin dragons on Dragontales? Really? Not great choices. I guess it’s better than Reignbeau or Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily, but still.