MarchMadness2014Thank you so VERY much for voting!  The Quarter Finals are now closed.  The next round will be posted early on Saturday, March 15.  Come back and vote in the semi-finals!

The first round is always a heartbreaker!

March Madness 2014 opens with the sixteen most popular posts from the year prior facing off against each other.  Our favorite names for boys this year were a varied bunch, from friendly surname Rafferty to intriguing place name Caspian to the daring short name Cove.

The opening round was filled with upsets and predictable outcomes alike.  Now we move on to the quarter finals, where the matches are even more difficult, and the voting will take more thought.

Let’s hear who you’re rooting for in the next round.  Voting is open!

In the opening round, #16 seed Holden knocked out the top name, Rafferty.  Quite the upset!  Meanwhile, Atticus handily bested Cove.  Now the two literary giants face off:

Meanwhile, Huxley sailed right past Koa and Finn resoundingly defeated Shepherd.  Both matches were 70/30 – no contest!  This match-up should be a toughie, though – the up-and-coming Huxley against established crowd-pleaser Finn:

Caspian made short work of Atlas in the opening round, and Everett neatly dispatched Fox.  Just like the match above, the quarter-final promises to be more of a test for these names.  Couldn’t Caspian and Everett easily be brothers?

This was a surprise!  Soren narrowly defeated past March Madness champion Nathaniel.  Meanwhile, the stylish Beckett took care of Cael, one of the few matches where I was pretty confident of the outcome from day one.  Now the Scandinavian Soren squares off against the surname Beckett:

Thanks to each and everyone for voting.  Polls will close on Friday, March 14.  The new round opens on Saturday, March 15 – semi-finals!

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  1. Oh, I cannot pick between Caspian and Everett! They are both in my top 5 names for boys!

    1. I know, right? Should you ever welcome twin boys, I think they’d be perfect together. 🙂

  2. less happy with the boy results. I voted for Holden, Atticus, Beckett and Everett, but also Atlas, Nathaniel, Shepherd, and Koa. The reason I am less pleased is that with the girl names even the names I wouldn’t vote for I still think are good names, whereas with the boys. oh dear. Should Finn win the day I shall be sad. Nathaniel would have been much better.

  3. I found these much harder to choose between than the girls names…I’d be happy to see any of these names win! It seems most of the pairs are very close at this stage.

  4. Every name I voted for us currently losing. LoL. At least some are close…. There is still hope.

    1. Manday, I know how you feel – my favorites are almost always knocked out in this round, too!