The Nameberry mavens posted <a title=”Barack at Nameberry” href=”” target=”_blank”>a fabulous article about the name of our new president elect</a>.

Sure, we’re worried about the economy, the war, the environment and a host of other Big Serious Issues.  But since we can’t do much about any of that, we’ll pose this question:  Do you think we’ll see a wave of new baby boys called Barack in 2009?

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  1. Corinne, I love August Lachlan Barack! And I share others’ excitement.

    A pair of South Florida parents apparently agree. They decided to name their newborn son – he arrived early November 5 – Obama.

  2. I’m attempting to work it into a boys’ name as we speak 🙂

    Aldo Barack, perhaps?

    Or August Lachlan Barack?

    we’ll see 😉

    Gemma & Vera are dancin’ for glee as we speak, too!

  3. Too soon for me to say. I’ll let you know once the heady sense of euphoria I’m having wears off.

  4. Honestly? I love the man’s politics but hate his name. I respect that it’s got meaning for him and all but I don’t even like saying Barack. then again, I dislike Baruch too and am not really fond of Barry. Anyone see the “Bee Movie”? Really great flick, but Barry, is the Bee of “the Bee Movie” Voiced by the annoying Jerry Seinfeld (who almost singlehandedly ruined Cosmo for me!) and I hear Barry in that whining tone Renee Zellweiger has. Funny too, because I like the similar feeling Perry (and he’s a platypus on Josephine’s favorite cartoon right now, “Phines & Ferb”)

    I do like his daughters names though. Solid, strong anf feminine, they’re a rare type of “first daughter” name!