He’s a Hollywood appellation with a Harry Potter twist.

Thanks to JNE for suggesting Errol as Baby Name of the Day.

Errol Flynn rose to stardom in 1935’s Captain Blood.

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  1. My 15 yr old’s name is Erroll, I named him after his dad who died while I was pregnant with him. We live in the south and some people had trouble with it, calling him Arial or Earl. Smaller kids like to call him Arrow. My son said kids at school though he was from England be ause of his name. He went through a stage where he didn’t like his name and had people call him Earl. As he gets older he likes it more and more. It is strong and he likes the meaning “nobleman” and “army commander”. As he gets older his name makes him more distinguished. I love when people’s eyes light up and say how much they love his name and mention Errol Flynn, (who his dad was actually named after.)

  2. Something about this name makes me feel physically weird. I think it’s the way your throat has to kind of roll and swallow sounds all at the same time… Guttural or something like that. I can’t explain, sorry!

    And I agree with Celia – so close to “error” that I know people would be bound to mishear it. And that would be a very unfortunate misinterpretation!

  3. Thanks for covering Errol! I’m on the fence myself, but think it could go down well with all the inspiration taken from old Hollywood in the world of names. I spied it on credits to some kiddie show recently (a behind-the-scenes person), but fail to remember exactly where, and it got me thinking that it’s a rarity, but kind of cool. I like the sound. My personal issue is the lack of nns. Erry is just weird and so are Rol or Rolly. But I do get a sort of ‘dashing’ vibe from the name.

  4. I don’t like the -uhl sound.

    Ferrel, Daryl, Carol, Meryl, all of them have a “past-their-expiration-date” feel.

  5. When I hear the name Errol, I automatically think “Flynn” afterwards. It’s a nice name, but not one that I’d use. It would be interesting to meet an Errol in real life.

    1. I automatically think “Flynn” afterwards too and I know nothing about Errol Flynn.

      It’s probably not one I’d personally use, but it would be a nice change to meet an Errol.

  6. My father’s name is Eryl, which is often mistaken for Errol, and pronounced more like Eh-ril. It’s a Welsh name which can be worn by boys or girls. I think it would wear well on a baby, especially if you have Welsh heritage. It’s not currently fashionable in Wales, as far as I know.