1. LucyMarie says

    My son, 19, is named Chance Michael so I find it interesting that this is tagged with Michael. Have loved the name Chance since I was 12 and always knew my first born son would be Chance Michael (I have no other children). We have only come across a couple of Chances in our day–and the big cluster (3) were when my Chance was in middle school. There were three Chances (including mine), but the other two were using their middle names not their first. We have met one other Chance Michael–my son was about 10 and the little guy was about 1. No one really made fun of the name and Chance has never gone by anything but Chance. I would recommend it to any family who is looking for a short, sweet and not weird name to use for their son. But sadly I cannot read the article above–the third paragraph ends with the words “Softer names like” As I would like to see the article in full–I do hope that someone can direct me to fix what it is I am doing wrong. Thank you and blessings, LucyMarie (PS this is an amazing site for name fiends like me)

  2. Panya says

    Now see, I watched Homeward Bound a gazillion times too, and that didn’t even come to mind until people mentioned it. Still doesn’t bother me.

  3. Bek says

    Definitely not my cup of tea either, to put it mildly. The connotations of “chance” just don’t seem all that positive to me.

    And being an 80s kid, you can bet the first thing I thought of was Homeward Bound – particularly because my youngest brother watched it nearly 8 times a day I’m sure.

  4. tracy says

    the only Chance i have ever known was my brother’s age (in his late twenties now), and was officially named Chancellor, though he hated being called by his full name. i always thought it suited him, as he was kind of a little trouble-maker as a child. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. R says

    I worked with a guy named Chance when I was in college. He hated his name, and the comments it drew. More recently, a friend chose the name for her child. Unfortunately, I cannot shake the association with the movie Homeward Bound, which I watched approximately 12 billion times as a child.

  6. Laney McDonald says

    Long time since my last post! Things have been hectic here!

    My grandparents have a beagle named Chance so I couldn’t do that to my kid. Not a bad name, but I can’t get past the dog association. Chance is a sweet dog though, I love him.

    and in celeb news, CSI: Miami start Emily Procter welcomed a baby girl named Pippa with her boyfriend Paul Bryan. At first I didn’t know what to think of the name but now I think it’s really cute! Congrats to Emily and Paul! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a CSI: Miami freak so you can just imagine how hyper I got when I read this.

  7. Charlotte Vera says

    My thoughts, in this order, when I saw this name announced were: a) dog from Homeward Bound, b) Romeo’s lament regarding fortune (so funny that you quoted it!) as well as other Shakespearean comments about fortune, and c) the character from the novel Being There (I have yet to see the film). Since for me the movie puppy affiliation trumps the name’s literary connections, it’s not possible for me to seriously consider using Chance in this family.

    I’m still on the look-out for that perfect boy’s name!

  8. Joy says

    I grew up with a Chance (born around ’68 or ’69). He was a rugged blond athlete, handsome and shy. It’s not a name I would use, but I would love to hear it on a little boy.

  9. Sarah A says

    I agree with Lola, not my cup of tea but it’s better than Chase. I personally don’t like the gambling connotation, though it has a nice sound. Also, Chase is kind of like Marley in that while I know it’s a person name, I’m more likely to picture it on a dog (oops!)

  10. Lola says

    Chance isn’t my cuppa by any means, even though my OH is a huge Peter Sellers fan. Nope. I secretly (would never say it aloud in reality) find Chance quite silly. Chancellor nn Chance strikes me as, well, almost silly. I just hope he’s got a solid, masculine middle. I’ll bet he goes by Chase over Chancellor even as an adult. And yes, I may think Chance is silly, but I will admit it blows the similar Chase, completely out of the water! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Panya says

    Chance isn’t really my style, but I’ve liked it ever since I saw D. B. Sweeney as Chance Harper on the short-lived show Strange Luck.

    Chancellor is a great ‘formal name’ for it!

  12. Vanessa says

    I see Chance everywhere now. I know of a Chance born this past October with the formal name Chancellor. I really like this one syllable, ultra-masculine, somewhat hipster sounding name.

    • appellationmountain says

      There’s a young actor/dancer/singer named Chancellor Miller. He popped up a few places in the mid-2000s. I wonder if that’s the inspiration? Though I also get something of a religious vibe from Chancellor – I guess I’m hearing The Messiah in my head when I see the name.


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