Baby Name of the Day: Ava

Screenshot of Ava Gardner from the trailer for...

From 1954's The Barefoot Contessa; Image via Wikipedia

She’s Biblical, saintly, international, Hollywood-glam, and nature-themed, too.


  1. Amy-Jane says

    Love the name Ava and love Ava Gardner but my neice is Eva so can’t call my baby Ava – pity!!

  2. Charlotte Vera says

    Ava — so hot right now! The name in and of itself is rather nice, but I can’t in good consciousness recommend the name to anyone because, as your post and all the previous comments have said, it’s just way too popular. I’m friends with a woman who takes care of her niece Ava while at the same time looking after her daughter Evie. Both kids are around 22 months old and I can’t help thinking how frequently their names will get mixed up with the other “v” names in school.

  3. JNE says

    Like everyone says – Ava is pretty, but popular. On top of the Avas (AY vah) and the Eves and the Evas (EE vah), and all the Ava variants mentioned, I’ve run across more than one child with the nn Eva said EH vah (half way between EEvah and AYvah)… one of Italian heritage with the full name Evangelia (I think) and another name Evelyn. That V is super-popular right now! Pretty, but I’d (personally) probably steer clear to avoid the masses and confusion.

  4. Julie says

    I just took a trip to the grocery store during that witching hour between school pick-up and suppertime. It seemed like every little girl was named either Ava or Lila. Ava is a very pretty, but it’s sooo popular and doesn’t have any obvious nicknames, so she’ll always be known as Ava Lastinitial.

  5. estella says

    Beautiful name, and I adore Ms. Gardner, but I just can’t in good conscience name a girl Ava these days. It’s too popular.

  6. Sebastiane says

    I am surprised you haven’t already done Ava :)

    I can see the appeal, definitely, but the last 10 years she has gotten too popular for my tastes.


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