Baby Name News: 3/24/13

Sunday SummaryMy name-spotting antennae are always up, pretty much no matter what I’m doing.  I met a guy at a volunteer event on Saturday.  “Hi Abby, I’m Apollo.”

“Hi.  Awesome name!’

I kind of think he knew it, too.

Just hours later, I came across an amazing blog post from Aela Mass about her friend’s home birth.  (And seriously, Kathy seemed calmer while giving birth than I am on the average Tuesday.)  The photos are gorgeous, but I’m especially drawn to the names – big brother Arlo and new addition Kinder.  I love the sound of Kinder, and Kin feels like a super cool short form.

Elsewhere in baby name news:

  • Oh, how I love the name Maeve.
  • Coolest papal name ever = Lando.
  • Nancy goes myth-busting, proving that porn stars have names just like us.
  • Multiple middle names seem to be on the rise according to Angela’s poll at Upswing Baby Names.  I’m a fan.
  • Okay, Irish Central calls Cara an Irish name.  I stand corrected.
  • Have you voted in March Madness?  The girls’ round has Elodie with the slightest of leads, while Archer is definitely pulling ahead in the boys’ match-up.
  • What a great list from Blue Juniper!  We’ve definitely seen some of these in birth announcements.  Jareth is probably my favorite.
  • Piper is such a great name!  But I agree that it is a little bit of a challenge to match.  I like Swistle’s suggestion of Piper and Paisley, but Paisley feels flimsy to me.  I’m not sure why – she has as much history as many a surname, and I’m completely fine with Bailey and Riley and company.
  • Funny how your opinion changes the very second someone you like uses a name.  A (distant) family member by marriage just welcomed a son called Madden.   No sooner did the newborn pics appear on Facebook than I found myself liking the sound of the name, nevermind the football references.
  • Wow, remember the family with the kids named Alex, Axel, Xela, and Lexa?  They’ve welcomed baby #5, a girl named XealMaarten listed the remaining possible combinations the couple could consider for future children.  While they’re definitely running afoul of some of my How Close is Too Close? guidelines, I think they chose four great letters to work with.  Is there any other set of letters that yields as many reasonable names?

That’s all for this week, but tell me: have you spotted any great names?  Unusual finds?  Knock-your-socks off cool combinations?

As always, thank you for reading + have a great week!


  1. Cleeeo says

    Kinder is my last name! How strange, never would have thought it would be a contender for the surname trend… But I suppose it does have the ‘right’ sounds now I think of it.

  2. Havoye says

    Kinder’s parents can be forgiven for not being fluent in German, but the word is right there in kindergarten, and of course Kinder Eggs. 😉 I can’t say I’m a fan of this name.

    I absolutely agree that it only takes meeting one person with a particular name for it to become suddenly more appealing, which is why I’ve grown somewhat weary of advice threads on naming forums. It’s all too easy to pick apart a name in the abstract, but when someone is actually using it, many of the perceived problems seem to melt away. There are some names that I continue to dislike, of course, but I’m trying to be more open-minded than I was in the past. (Reading your blog is part of that effort!)

  3. Eline says

    I see what you’re saying about names becoming great once someone picks them. I feel very sad that some of the prettiest names I can think of are “taken” by my friends or close family. But if I’m completely honest with myself, I should admit that I never recognized how nice these names were before I knew these kids.

  4. SilentOne says

    Xeal is actually the AELX family’s sixth child; you missed Xael. I bet that sort of thing happens to them a lot through their lives.

  5. Ette says

    I wonder what the reaction to Kinder would be should she visit a German speaking country, especially as an adult. It does have a nice sound in an English speaking context, though, and Arlo is fabulous.

    • says

      My thoughts exactly.

      Being German, Kinder is extremely bizarre to me, it just means “children”!
      Although, the English (kind) “kinder” (kindest) is not much more of a name either.

      • appellationmountain says

        Interesting … I thought about the sound more than the meaning. I can see that it would be challenging in German class …

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