MM basketballsColor me surprised.

By the slimmest of margins, Elodie snuck past Adelaide to make it into the finals.

I was sure Adelaide was a lock to win it all.  Back in 2011 – the first year of the tourney – Adelaide was knocked out by Genevieve.  Could this be her year?

Apparently not.

I was much less sure what to expect of the other semi-final, Isla versus Lorelei.  Isla won handily, and I must say that I’m pleased.  Lorelei is a great name, but I feel like Elodie versus Isla is much more of a match.

Elodie and Isla are fairly unconventional as finalists go .. I’m more used to Genevieve and Eliza by the time we reach the semi-finals.  But a little bit of different isn’t a bag thing.  And who knows?  Maybe our favorite baby names are becoming more daring with time.

And really, it makes this final match-up so much more important.

Now, please vote!

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  1. No contest, IMO. Isla is so much prettier than Elodie, which sounds unfinished to my ear. Where’s the M?

  2. I voted for Isla. Mainly because I would definitely use it myself, while Elodie I like very much, but for someone else’s kid. Whenever I say Elodie I feel like I’m supposed to be using a French accent, which I don’t have. It’s very pretty though. Isla is friendly, happy, fun. I love it.