Here’s the idea – now and again I spot a name that I find intriguing. Often I like them even though I don’t want to like them. Since they don’t fit anywhere else, I’m going to post them as quickie polls. Please vote yea or nay!

While watching a re-run of WifeSwap (yes, really), I noticed the three sons of the bodybuilder couple were called Kane, Kohl and Kolin.

Soooo not my style and yet – I kinda love Kohl. If you can overlook the reasonably-priced retailer, it conjures up the smoky black of Cleopatra’s eyeliner. Does that make Kohl that rarity – a masculine color name? Or is he just a particularly kreeatif spelling of a quite current Nicholas nickname?

Please vote!

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What do you think?


  1. Kohl is totally legit as a given name IMO. It’s been a Germanic surname for quite some time.

  2. For a boys’ name, I don’t think I’m a fan. It either feels like a silly respelling of the already trendy Cole (which I don’t like) or a very cool name with ties to eyeliner (which I do like) … but I’m not sure makeup is the best inspiration for a boys’ name.

    I might be able to go for it as a GIRLS’ middle name. Elizabeth Kohl, perhaps? Cecilia Kohl? Rosalyn Kohl?

    It makes me think of this product by my favorite UK make-up company:

    I think I’m going to enjoy your polls!