Here’s the idea – now and again I spot a name that I find intriguing. Often I like them even though I don’t want to like them. Since they don’t fit anywhere else, I’m going to post them as quickie polls. Please vote yea or nay!

While watching a re-run of WifeSwap (yes, really), I noticed the three sons of the bodybuilder couple were called Kane, Kohl and Kolin.

Soooo not my style and yet – I kinda love Kohl. If you can overlook the reasonably-priced retailer, it conjures up the smoky black of Cleopatra’s eyeliner. Does that make Kohl that rarity – a masculine color name? Or is he just a particularly kreeatif spelling of a quite current Nicholas nickname?

Please vote!

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What do you think?


  1. Interesting … after all nays and a sprinkling of maybes, Kohl picked up a few yeas today …

  2. I actually have a sweet spot for Kohl. It’s cute, but I love Cole. Too bad it sounds horrible with our last name!

  3. I’m not a fan of “let’s give all the kids names that begin with the same letter,” and it’s completely off-putting when they corrupt the spelling (ie, Khloe, Jinjer) just to make them fit into that pattern. Kohl as a stand alone name? Maybe. As one of three kree8tivly spelled K’s? Gak.

  4. I just think of a lump of coal, something parents threaten children that santa will bring them if they’ve been naughty.

  5. I’m with Bek. Cole is okay, but Kohl seems silly to me. Eyeliner is a great accessory and all, but not a naming inspiration to me. And I live a couple miles from a Kohl’s, so to me, it’s like using Macy or Nordstrom.

    1. I had to laugh despite myself when I read your response: I have a Macy and a Spencer [Gifts], so a third named Kohl would be the equivalent of the retail baby-naming hat trick. Good thing I’m through, ’cause by #6 or 7 little Bonwit Teller would have a tough row to hoe.

      1. You know, I really like Spencer. Macy isn’t my style, but it’s way nicer as a name than Kohl! LOL at Bonwit!

  6. Considering their other children’s names are just tryndee spellings, I wouldn’t think they chose Kohl for it being a color name. I’m about 99.9% sure they chose that phonetic spelling of Cole to be yoo-neek.

  7. If its pronounced how i think I prefer Cole that Kohl.
    Its definatly got something about it though, I’m 60-40 on liking it currently