This one first caught my eye in one of those magazine articles. The topic was something completely unrelated to names. But the only thing I remember? The name of the youngest son of the all-K named clan: Koah.

Noah with a K, I thought. Not as bad as, say, Kyndal or Klare. Maybe a little too close to koala. Reminiscent of Kampgrounds of America, kreatively spelled since 1962, and abbreviated KOA on countless roadside signs.

But then I spotted Koah in an alumni magazine, the kind of place you’re far more likely to see Max or Ava, Mary or Peter.

Could there be something to Koah?

A tree grows in Hawaii called the koa. And while I couldn’t find him in any reputable name-your-baby books, he is sometimes translated as “strength” in Hebrew out in the wilds of the internet.

And so I submit Koah for a Yea or Nay vote, but I can’t help think – with Noah at #15 and the K-kraze showing no signs of letting up? I suspect Koah will be heard more and more.

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What do you think?


  1. I’m another “NAY” — too made-up looking. I actually really like both Noah (for a boy) and Noa (for a girl), but Koah is just too much. I agree with the Koala connotation.

  2. I like Noah too much to accept Koah (my one association with Noah is a the nicest little boy at a day camp; that would make him born in the late 90’s). Plus the “K” sound is so harsh especially followed by a strong vowel. It has a rough sound to it.

  3. That is a tough sell. It definitely reads made-up to my eye. The H at the end isn’t really doing it any favors, either. Hs and Ks are part of that tryndhee effect. This one is not the one for me!

    1. My first thought was “Isn’t that some kind of make-up?”
      Not really my style, but it could be worse. 😛 I could see people using it for girls too – along the lines of Noa.