While I was working on recent Name of the Day Alina, I stumbled across the German Annalena. I don’t believe this is an official list, but you’ll find Annalena at #107.

With Anneliese and company garnering mentions in more and more baby name forums, I have to ask: Annalena, yea or nay?

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  1. Analena is my nephew’s half-sister’s name, combining her great-grandmother’s names [Ana + Lena]. My former sister-in-law and her Mexican-American fianc

  2. Since I know some German, the correct (German) pronunciation is neither AHN-nah-LAY-nah or AHN-nah-LEE-nah, it’s more similar to AHN-nah-LEH-nah, i.e. no ‘i’ or ‘y’ sound at all, just ‘e’ as in everyone ^^ Almost (but not quite) as if it were Annalenna (think Lennon)…

    I really like it as a name, but my favourite name with an Ann component is Annora 🙂

    1. I’ve never heard of Annora, but I have heard of Honora, pronounced ah-NOR-ah. Interesting name.

      1. Annora is a form of Honora, and a prettier one in my opinion ^^
        I like it because you can honour both an Anne and a Nora in one name, and it’s still melodious, easy to spell and pronounce and not very common, which are all good qualities to me… 🙂

    2. I like Annora – and Honora. I think the correct German pronunciation would fall flat in the US, Dearest. It’s pretty – but I think the urge to “Americanify” the sounds would win out for most people, rightly or wrongly.

  3. I like it, but maybe just because it reminds me of my own name when people pronounce it correctly 🙂

    Nevertheless, it’s too cute & artificial to for me to actually use…and I’m a fan of Annabelle…

    1. I love Annabel. Unfortunately, I have a dog named Annapolis whom we call Annie, and Belle/Bella names are all too common for me to ever use any name with -bel/-belle in it.

  4. I’m no fan of Anneliese and its common multiple misspellings but Annalena is nice.
    There are odder and fustier Anne- smushes I like a little more but I’m still foremost an Anna/Annie fan when all said and done.

  5. I’d say it AHN nah LEE nah. It does have a pretty sound. Personally I’d probably pick Anna over Annalena, but it would be cute to meet a little Annalena.

  6. Sebastiane, I’d guess that your pronunciation is right, but I’m not sure. AHN nah LEE nah is probably just as valid, at least in English. (Shades of the Helena conversation …)