Sunday Summary: 5.10.20If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day today, I’m wishing you every joy!

And if you’re struggling today, missing a loved one, or aching to be a mother yourself? My heart goes out to you.

Normally, this Sunday we’re still feasting on name data. But this year, the Social Security Administration has delayed the release of the new name popularity stats. I get it, I do. Like so many other things in this crazy world, even when it’s the right call, it’s still a let down.

So let’s see if we can find some other distraction-worthy pursuits for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment:

Namerology’s interactive name map is AH-mazing. Searching names alone is fascinating, but just the beginning. Try searching popular unisex names by girl versus boy, or name endings. Lots to ponder here.

Nameberry’s new How I Named My Baby series looks promising, and I loved the first installment on choosing a name for Millie Valentina.

Love boy names ending with o? I updated this mammoth post, going from 80 to 99 entries. And then quickly realized I could add another dozen!

Yeah, what Duana said about that equation-masquerading-as-a-name. But more importantly, this is a GREAT question about how classic names and nicknames evolve … or don’t! And so much yes to the Puff Daddy energy of classic names.

One silver lining to the delay of the data update? More time to prognosticate! Loved reading Ren’s predictions about future Top 100 names. We have some overlap, but she picked out a few I wasn’t watching, and vice versa. If you’d like to compare for yourself, here’s my list.

Speaking of silver linings, welcome to the world, Hope Elizabeth! Is it weird to be so crazy happy for a total stranger? Nah, that’s the good part of the internet. Tearing up reading the news.

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading, and have a great week!

Boy Names: 5.10.20 Girl Names: 5.10.20

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  1. Ginger doesn’t have to be a nickname for Virginia or someone with red hair. It can be a nickname for someone full of pep.