Sunday Summary: 9.6.20I was planning on a long, lazy Labor Day weekend. A bunch of books were queued up on my Kindle, we’d done the grocery shopping, the house was clean.

And then, I flipped my laptop open just to finish proofreading a private #namehelp post I had promised for Saturday …


If you’re new to all things naming, the United States Social Security Administration releases the new baby names popularity data every spring, the Friday morning prior to Mother’s Day. There’s usually quite a bit of fanfare, too. But, as with so many 2020 plans, the data release was delayed.

While I pore through all of the glorious information overload, here are a few great reactions. I’m sure there’s more to come!

Nancy covers the biggest boy name moves for the year, looking at all of the data – not just the Top 1000. She does the same for girls’ list here. One takeaway from both posts? The Netflix series Lucifer is proving wildly influential.

Namerology maps popular place names. It’s quite eye-opening, and honestly? I can’t guess LOTS of them.

Speaking of maps, here are the most popular names in every state. One silver lining to waiting for the data? We got it ALL at once, national and state!

Ren looks at the names new to the US Top 100. Arya jumped right out at me, too! Wasn’t expecting that, but then again, 2019 was a HUGE year for Game of Thrones. (Interestingly, Khaleesi fell slightly.)

Over at Roses and Cellar Doors, the annual Aiden tally continues. Key takeaway? While the total number of rhymes-with-Aiden names in use continues to decline, it’s still a major influence on how we name our sons.

And if you’d like to look at all of the names new to the US Top 1000? Here are the updates for the girls’ list, and you can see the boys’ list here.

That’s all for now. Thinking of you!

Girl Names: 9.6.20 Boy Names: 9.6.20

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