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Is it me, or was the coverage of Jennifer Connelly’s new daughter rather restrained?

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  1. My sorta-SIL (exes’ sister) just had her baby and while his real name is Braxton Davys, his placeholder name was Kendall-Jackson. I think I liked the placeholder better. I work in the liquor industry, so I can think of LOTS of alcohol related names… but I think Syrah is probably my favorite.

    In the few weeks as my extended family welcomed:
    Liberty May (although it’s spelled kre8tivly as my cousin’s wife’s family are big believers in wacky names.)
    Etta Grace
    Jerome Leon@rd Jr., he’s being called Romeo which I think is a brilliant way around Jerry Jr.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Namestory, which I will follow up properly one day!

    It’s weird how some celebrity babies are all over the news, and others barely rate a mention. Some don’t even make my news feed – I think the media just goes, “Oh we’ve had enough celebrity babies for this month!”

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my blog! Stay tuned and soon I’ll have a link where anyone can share their name story.

  4. I would love to see a profile of the name Lotus! It’s been my latest crush since that list….

  5. I love the name Agnes Lark! Is it that Jennifer Connelly isn’t that famous or that a stylish name seems more acceptable?

    1. Or maybe that everyone felt like Mariah’s twins exhausted the “stars use crazy names” theme for a few more weeks? I actually expected to see stories calling Agnes Lark “crazy” and “classic” … but even after searching, mostly just a few BAs and then silence.

    1. Other than Kate – I see Kenneth, Kelly, and Kirk as outdated trends from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. I may be off, but all the Kelly’s and Kenneth’s I know are that age. Kate is the only one that I would consider traditional. Maybe I’m wrong…

      1. Definitely had a peak in those decades, you’re right. But, I once met a Kenneth in his 80s! Plus Kelly and Kirk are surnames. At least they aren’t made up, like Khloe and Kourtney!!

  6. I thought the EXACT same thing about the coverage (or lack thereof) of little Agnes Lark’s name – static silence. Now when Natalie Portman gives birth, that’ll be a different story…!

  7. I love Hennessey as well, but I admit I’m afraid to use it… The only other names I have that feeling about are Iago (i LOVE Iago) and Salome, which is strange since I have Leiothrix and Espiridion on my list and no second thoughts about those… Hennessey would at least be familiar XD

    1. I actually know someone with the maiden name Hennessey. She used it for a second middle name for her second son, so who knows? Maybe someday he’ll pass it on to a child …

  8. Ha! I thought the same thing when I read the article about Laila Ali’s daughter Sydney J. When I see an initail as a middle name, I always wonder what it stands for.

    River for Richard IV is genius. I’m not a huge fan of juniors, thirds, and so on. I get the sentiment behind it, but I think everyone deserves their own name.

    I’ve seen Hennessey’s a couple of times and a Chardonnay too. Several Jack Daniels, but my favorite booze name is Merlot. 🙂