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  1. Madicyn just makes the name look more and more like medicine. I have always thought that Madison was too close to the word medicine. Never saw the appeal and I guess I never will.

  2. Madison is on my list of most hated names (my apologies to those named Madison or for whom it is a favourite!). Try as I might, I just can’t like the name, so seeing an already disliked name spelt an obviously made up name just chills me to the bones. Some variant spellings I can understand and even appreciate — after all, my daughter’s name is Roseanna — but Madicyn is too much in my humble [but outspoken] opinion.

    Dorothy and Theodore is a bit too twee of a sibset for my tastes, but some people may simply not see the similarity in the names; or, seeing it, still go ahead with the names simply because they’re both favourites. Matching further siblings’ names would be difficult, although I’d argue that Thaddeus and Dolores could work. Of course, such a decision would be an obvious attempt to match the names, and a rather nauseating one at that.

  3. The man who bought my husband’s and my first house from us was named Floyd. I remember being astonished that anyone our age was actually named Floyd!

  4. there’s actually an actress in glee called naya, a name which is really quite unusual but very pretty at the same time. oh are you still taking submissions for the naming stories as i might actually pluck up the courage and send one of mine in if you’re still accepting them 🙂

  5. I actually forgot that the name stories only start next week – I kept on looking till 10 pm last night, until I realized that it’s next week ! ‘Smacks self ….hard” lol I can’t wait !

    I must be honest, I think people REALLY over think things when it comes to sibling sets (this is coming from a person who has been described as being obsessed with names). A lot of the times, I think the links that people make are based on over analysing something. They so badly want to make the right choice, that they get get carried away. People also forget that for every person who dislikes a matchey set, there are people who do. What is one man’s fodder is another man’s gold. I hold to my belief that as along as the names aren’t very similar when you say them, then go for it .This is also where accents could come into play.
    I agree with a lot in the CNN article; the only problem is that in 20 or 30 yrs time, that it ”might” be different. Names & our perceptions of them different today from prior eras. Names are dynamic, just like politics, people etc

    Eh, this was a tad long… sorry ! Anyway, thanks for a great week as usual! Reading your blog is something that I look forward to everyday !