Door Number 15
Door Number 15 by cogdogblog via Flickr

Since I’ve starting writing AppMtn, I’ve learned that I can usually tell you why a name rose – hindsight is 20/20 – but I cannot tell you, with any certainty, which names will make the US Top 1000 in the year 2020.

I can say, with some confidence, that the majority of the names in the Top 100 will likely still be there in another decade.

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  1. I like Meridian, but more for the name of a character in a book, although with the nn Meri, it works IRL too. If I wrote stories, I’d also use Magellan (nn Maggie) for a girl. (I *hate* the Dr. Scholl’s for ruining this potential name.)

    1. Magellan would be fabulous – except your kiddo would be asked “are you jellin'” from now until the end of days, and that is NOT fun.