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  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the name Eliete here in Portugal – it falls in the category of French-inspired names that became trendy in my grandmother’s generation (Arlete, Graciete, Susete… all very dated now). Originally, I believe Eliette is a feminisation of Elie (French form of Elias/Elijah).

    50’s names are bound to come for a comeback. I can totally imagine 2010’s babies naming their future children after grandma Joyce or Linda!

  2. I didn’t know it was International Week either, it was merely coincidence that I decided to do a round-up of Lithuanian names.

  3. I hate spam too! So annoying.

    I wish I had known it was international week. 🙂 I would have added a post from U.K. or Australia, or somewhere.

    As usual, a great read.


    1. Thanks, Sarah – and I didn’t realize it was international week until mid-way thru the post. 😉

  4. Argg, I hate Spam comments, sometimes they are just random letters and numbers. Why? Other times they have no relation to the post, like the one I received about migraine headaches.

    I really enjoyed Sugar and Spice and actually learned to like Kansas. The name fit the character so well.

    Echo Scarlett Honey is kind of cute. It would be too much for me to use, but I admire the guts of another parent.

    Eliette is a pretty old name, I forgot its derivation. But its interesting to see. I would never use it in the U.S. because I would be afraid of people constantly mistaken it as an alternative spelling for Elliot on a girl.

  5. My Mum’s name is Joyce. She dislikes it. Maybe when my daughter comes to name her children (she’s only 4 right now) Joyce will be cool again and she can claim it because it’s her grandmother’s name. Or maybe she’ll like her great grandmother’s name: Doris.

    Clint, Phoenix, Echo and Dali are decent enough to be known as – Disney would be strange though, as it conjures up a strong image of cartoons and theme parks. And I think I like Lovella more than I should. 😛 I guess it’s somewhat like Luella.

    1. I agree – Disney is the one that gives me pause. Blogger Girls Gone Child used Luella for her daughter’s middle – Fable Luella. And I do kind of love it!

    2. Yup, my mom has worked with ladies named Joyce. I’ve disliked it for years. When I say my name, people often mishear it as Joyce (or Julie).

  6. The Generational Sweet Spot, or Why Your Mother-in-Law Has Such Bad Taste…Um, may I just say, “no duh!”

    I don’t know if Joyce is due for a comeback, and because Jude is so popular, Judy might make it back, but I definitely see Marilyn as a contender for a return, not least because it ends in LYN.

    Sugar and Spice. Didn’t that movie star a coule of girls name Marley and Marla? Also a Mena, and a woman named Sean. I think I find the cast’s names more interesting than the characters’.

    1. Nice point. There definitely was a Marley and a Marla – and Mena Suvari was Kansas!

      I can see Marilyn following Evelyn right up the charts …