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  1. I’m in love with Design Mom’s children’s names! Maude AND Olive?! And Oscar AND Betty? AMAZING! Maude and Olive are two of my top favorites. I enjoyed reading the same suggestions almost as much as the names themselves!

    There are some real gems in the BakersDozen too! I have a spot spot for rare biblical names, especially the boys.

  2. Re: MariaVictoria, I once had a friend in Mexico whose first name was Maria-Eugenia. It was pronounced mar-ee-oh-HAY-nee-uh, and her nn was Maru. I wonder if little MariaVictoria will be shorted to Mari or Mariva.

  3. I have always thought Bellamy would make a cool trendy name, long before 9 by Design came out. It has every element that is trendy at the moment, it has the Bell element, the boyish surnamy feel and its easy to say and spell.

    1. I feel incredibly dumb, but how exactly is Bellamy pronounced, anyway? Is it Bella-my, Bella-me, or something else entirely? Regardless, I love the looks of it. I’ve seen it all over the place, thought it to be very beautiful-looking, but I’ve never garnered the courage to ask how to say it 😉

      1. I’d say bel AH mee, which I think works out to Bella-me. You could argue for something different, more French-fried, I suppose. bell ah MEE, maybe? Pretty, but that just feels forced in American English. I imagine most people would come up with the first set of sounds.

  4. wow, there’s a lot of tv names on that list. i really hope that people aren’t naming their children after southern waitresses or fallen angels (castiel from supernatural on the cw). i love genevieve though but it would stand out amongst my other children’s much shorter names.

  5. Shmoopy! A Seinfeld reference?

    Rexton, Troyden, blecch! Something’s very wrong here.

    Also, Rachel from The Real World has SIX kids?!? Okay. I watched her on that show. And I watched Sean on the next year (or vice versa) and I knew they’d gotten married…but SIX kids? Well, that must mean I’m in my 30s now…oh god, has it been that long? I’m so old. Remember Puck? Now there’s a name worth investigating. NotD, please. I’m a fan of Paloma, by the way. I couldn’t pull it off, but it’s a great name. Have you covered that one yet? Another suggestion. 🙂

    And by the way, Sookie/Sukie/Sukey is a nickname for Suzanne or Susan. As a nickname, it’s cute. As a formal name, it’s a joke, IMO.