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  1. Siri is a name that stands on its own and it’s also used as a nickname for Sigrid. I considered it if we had a girl, since my family is all Norwegian, but my husband thought it was too close to Suri and sounded weird. I’ve never come across a Siri here in the US and never thought it would become so common! Good thing we had a boy, I guess 🙂 I still like it.

  2. LOL! It’s not fair 🙂 All of your universities have utterly usuable names.My options are things like Stellenbosch, Witts said Vitts (short for Witswatersrand) etc & those are the good ones! YOu are so lucky!

  3. I think Sage would work for Jamie Oliver as it is unisex, a herb (fit in with the floral theme for a boy as well) and it’s a seer or wise person.

    I think TV & basically popular entertainment has a HUGE effect in the way that people view things.I think kids & teens get a lot of their ideas from this & what they watch/read/or listen to.A lot or if not most 15 year olds might not know what’s happening in the world politically or in terms of other forms of news, but they’ll know which celeb is dating who & they’ll know what Blaire’s doing on Gossip Girl ( I don’t even watch that show & I know most of the names from seeing it mentioned SO MUCH) .So, I think people can’t discard characters on shows, movies, in books etc as irrelevant arguments – as these are the people/characters affecting/influencing the youth to a certain extent

    I do like the name Easton Quinn. I always wonder which pronunciation they use for Elias

  4. A woman on my birthboard kept insisting that she was going to name her daughter Wednesday — I never found out if she actually did.

    Cecelia Marie is gorgeous, but basically means that I probably won’t ever be able to use Cecily, since I have many Office-crazed family and friends. As a fan of Montgomery’s The Story Girl, this makes me sad, since other names from the book were already out:

    Sarah, Dan, and Peter — I’ve known far too many people with these names
    Felix — A fabulous name with a less-than-fabulous increasing popularity
    Felicity — My husband says that this one is out since the TV show was big while he was in High School
    Beverley — I LOVE this name on a boy (it’s a boy’s name in the book), but know that, unlike Kelly and Ashley, it would never work in this day and age

    Also, Honorine is brilliant!

  5. Regarding The Office, Jenna Fischer said in People that she got to choose the baby name, and Cecilia Marie is the name of her own new niece. Jenna herself was born Regina Marie and always called Jenna. I like Cecie as a nickname for Cecilia.

  6. Siri Tollerod is an increasingly high profile model – editorials in vogue, on the runways, etc. There’s a worksafe picture of her here: https://shoesforall.tumblr.com/post/432800178

    I’m sure she’s not American, but that might be where some people are getting their inspiration if they’re flipping through fashion magazines at the doctor’s office, etc. 🙂 She’s definitely a beautiful inspiration!

  7. I’ve spotted several Siri’s lately too. I saw on one of the baby name blogs a couple wanted to name their baby Suri, but didn’t like the Tom Cruise connection so they went with Siri.

    I would LOVE IT if sometimes they would put an explaination with the birth announcements about some of the names I find like Gossip and Truck. 🙂

    Have a good week!


  8. Did you ever get my e-mail from last month with some new NOTD suggestions? If not, maybe a spam filter or something blocked it; in that case I’ll try again.

    1. I just dug it up, Kelly and wrote back. It wasn’t a spam filter, it was me! Please pardon my delay. 🙂

  9. I’m a Baylor alum, so I’m not surprised by Baylor as a baby name! I like Wednesday and Liberty as well, just glad they didn’t spell it Libbertee.

    1. Amen on the Liberty/Libbertee spelling!

      Do you know anyone who used Baylor as a baby name? I know a James Madison alum who told me Madison was big for couples who met at school … not sure if that’s still true!

      1. No one I knew has used it as a baby name, but we always heard about graduates who started businesses and named them Baylor or Bear-something.

        1. Interesting. Then again, my husband is a Georgetown grad and our boys’ name shortlist – which I still need to post – includes Ignatius, as in Loyola, as in the Jesuits, as in the founders of Georgetown.

          Wonder how many of us are making college connections like this throughout our lives?

      2. The first time I ever heard of a baby named Madison was when I met one while working within a 30 min. drive of JMU, so there may be some truth to that! It was around 1997 or so.