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  1. I had a female Merary in my class when I was teaching elementary school. She was Mexican-American, and if you Google Merary, you see it paired with lots of Hispanic surnames. My Merary was an adorable kid and it’s a pretty name.

  2. Bleugene made me laugh out loud. It’s just ridiculous

    I love Addison for a boy, it’s so handsome! I also like Madison for a boy.

    Caroline & Zachary go great together.

    1. Caroline and Zachary are a nice pair, aren’t they? And I keep thinking of David Bowie’s “Blue Jean” – the lyrics and the video are clearly about a girl called Blue Jean. But on her birth certificate? It’s wildly over the top.

      And I hear you ’bout Madison and Addison for boys – but I think it will be a generation or more until that’s possible.

  3. Congrats to the mother of little Caroline!

    Bewildertrix, I hope to see you blogging again sometime!

    As for Bleugene? UGH! My uncle’s name is Eugene and when my brother was little he used to call said uncle “Uncle Bluejean”. It was funny in those circumstances, but not as an actual name on an actual [extremely unfortunate] kid.

  4. Congrats to your friend, Caroline is a very lovely, solid classic choice.

    I have a great aunt named Leocadia too, but she always went by Lily, Leocadia is her “Polish” name. I always thought Cadie or Lea would make great nickname options.

    1. Mine went by Lottie, but I’m with you, I think Cadie would be an adorable (and the most natural) nickname.

  5. I feel the same way, Jane. I loved reading Bewildertrix’s blog too and was bummed when I couldn’t access it this week. Bewildertrix, good luck on baby number 3 and I look forward to finding out what you named the baby. 🙂

    Abby, congrats to your friend. Caroline is a lovely name.


  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I am gutted to hear that there is no more onomastitrix.com. I wondered what was going on when I couldn’t view the blog after being on holiday for a week. I am addicted to that site. I will be in mourning all day.
    Bewildertrix, if you are reading this, I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy, and can’t wait to hear what you name your new bubba. I really do hope that you’ll be back to blogging again one day. I will truly miss you!!!
    And I was dying to tell you, I met a baby girl Diaz Aija last week! Aija pronounced like Asia. Always intrigues me when I come across very unusual names in New Zealand.
    Appellation Mountain, you will have to be my new addiction 🙂

    1. As I’ve said before, Jane, you must live in a Kiwi Twilight Zone of naming or just happen to be very lucky in your encounters 😛 I rarely see anything truly interesting (or truly awful) around here. Ah, wait, hold up, there is a little Suede at kindy. He took the frogs home last weekend and they’d documented it in photos. I did an epic double take as I walked past the wall and saw his name. He’s afternoon kindy so I had no idea. Suede and a Miracle now. Awesome sauce! Email on my blog profile if you ever want to chat names although I’m not the greatest at checking that particular account.

      Appellation Mountain is a fine addiction, Jane. So much more information too.

      Thanks for the well wishes and thanks again Abby for all the shout outs. I still have 9 weeks to go, that’s if I don’t go late for the third time, and I’m bellynormous. I’m already well over the regular “You must be due any day now” from well meaning (I’m sure) strangers. Not liking that at all. I need a new photo up to prove the existence of this giant pod thing. I will be blessed with an 11 pounder I just know it.

      Oh and Bleugene? Lordy. Could make a great playmate for the aforementioned Suede.

      And Georgia, well, Jorja/h too, is already in every playground here. Georgia is lovely, pity about the abominable misspellings. Kiwis, that I’ve seen, seem to cite the J- spellings as more “feminine” because Georg- isn’t visually present in the name. And yet Charlotte isn’t routinely mucked with so I don’t get that little gem of ‘lojik’.

      Caroline is lovely *thumbs up*

  7. Hey that’s my Leocadia! I was so excited to see that! I think it’s lovely, and interesting that her nickname was Lottie.

    When IS a name too trendy to use? Is Zoe? Speaking of, can I put in a request for her to be name of the day?

  8. Caroline is my #1 favorite name, so congrats to your friend! I also encourage Katie Granju to stick with Georgia…it’s lovely.