First, many thanks to Pam and Linda at Nameberry for running my guest post on Red Carpet Boys. And the conversation in the comments convinced Linda to tweak the site’s comments about Clark! I don’t know what the original definition was, but if you click on Clark, he now reads:

Clark seemed to have been ‘Gone with the Wind’, but parents are now beginning to appreciate its cool combination of Gable charm with Superman power.

In other news:

  • Disney has unveiled dolls and more (much, much more!) to support their next princess flick, The Princess and the Frog, coming this Christmas to a movie theater (and toy store and fast food joint and so on and so on) near you. Nameniks might recall that the character was originally called Maddy – a historically accurate choice, but one that didn’t please critics. Instead, she’ll be Tiana.
  • Of course, the name that could take off is Anika – Anika Noni Rose is the actress voicing the princess.
  • In star baby news, there’s another Donald John Trump on this planet – son of Donald John Trump, Jr. This makes the newest addition DJ III. Wonder if they’ll call him Trip?
  • Constance Marie, best known for her role on the George Lopez show, named her daughter Luna.

That’s all for this week. I’m off to a Mardi Gras/Oscars/let-our-kids-run-crazy-and-pray-for-an-early-spring party!

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  1. Thanks, Lola! I agree that the new entry for Clark is much better.

    At some point, I should go out and buy some baby name books, though I feel like I should wait until we’re actually trying/expecting. (Sort of like how I didn’t want to buy bridal magazines until I was engaged.) The only one I have is my mom’s old “What Shall We Name The Baby?” (copyright 1941!). It was responsible for my middle school infatuation with names like Aldercy and Xylia. Aren’t we glad that most middle schoolers don’t have babies?

  2. Emmy Jo, the original entry for Clark reads like this (I have theeir Name Bible right here):
    CLARK: English “clerk” Has lost it’s Superpowers.
    Clarke, Clerc, Clerk.

    I much prefer the new entry!

  3. I’d love to hear what they had originally said about Clark. (If anyone has their book and can look it up, please post it.)

    I definitely enjoyed your Red Carpet Boys post.

    And I’m a fan of Luna. The “loony” association doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact, if I had a daughter named Luna, I’d probably use Loony as an affectionate nickname.

  4. I love the changing of Clark! I’ve been a fan for years, literally. Lovely to see the tide changing!

    As for the newest Disney Princess, I think Disney missed to boat entirely. Instead of choosing a lovely classic like Madeleine or some such, they decided on an awful sounding nickname (i mean, really, mad is *not* an attractive sound, anywhere) and then changed to a different trendy nickname. I’m hoping like H******* it’s shown as a nickname for Tatiana or something equally princessy! Tiana, alone? Blech. Makes me think of my Uncle’s stinky cigars.

    Anika is one I can hope for, not Noni that does! I prefer Annika but when I see either, I always hope beyond hope they’re nicknames for Anne/Anna. I’m usually disappointed. They both feel so informal to me. And that’s what nicknames should be, not full names.

    As for DJ3, I can hope for Trey or Trip, but I’d rather Don, who’s seriously cool. Luna’s okay. I hope she manages to avoid the “looney” association!

    Another lovely summary, thanks Verity!

  5. I’ve only commented at Nameberry the one time, but am glad to have been a part of something as thrilling as giving Clark a good name (oy the pun!) 😉