Happy Valentine’s Day!

Which reminds me, a new ABC series called Happy Town will premier in late April.

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  1. Friends of mine are expecting a baby boy to be named Henley…first I’d heard of it. Everyone hears it as either “Henry” or as a kind of shirt. Strikes me as kind of feminine too.

    1. I’m surprised they’re using it for a boy, too. But Henley sounds more masculine than Kenley or Tenley. Maybe because I’ve never met one …

      And yes, there is a “shirt” vibe to Henley, isn’t there? LOL!

  2. I’ve noticed a few Baylens/Baylins in the Aussie notices.

    “Our perceptions of popularity are highly flawed” – Agreed.
    One Kiwi recently discounted Georgia/Jorja for being too overused so what did some fellow posters from NZ suggest along the lines of “cute, feminine and NOT too popular girl names”? – Charlotte, Ruby and Amelia. All top ten names.

    A Breaker would get consistent flatulent jokes here.

  3. OMG, I know the family of Regina Caeli, what a small world!!! :() I think its a beautiful name and its such a great sibset.