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  1. Hmmm. You nixed my idea last year when I said I liked “Delilah.” But you like Hester? As in Hester Prynne with the Scarlet Letter? Plus, it makes me think of Lester for a boy.

    1. Yikes, KimR – did I really nix Delilah? I guess I still find her story difficult, but if I can argue that there’s a feminist reading for Hester, and she’s really a worthy hero, well … you’re right. Delilah deserves the same consideration.

      I can’t get to my NotD calendar right now, but I’ll put her in the rotation.

  2. It must get awfully confusing in the McNabb house – Donovan x 2 and a Devin. Yikes. Must be going for almost but not quite George Foreman type names…

  3. I really liked Four Christmases a lot more than I expected to. And still like Vince or even Vaughn more than Brad. And loved your dig at Posh (who is so not posh). I have a friend who went to visit her husband in Italy when our husbands were on a six-month submairne deployment. She came back pregnant. A bunch of us were trying to figure out if she needed to name the baby Rome, Florence, Maddalena, or Italy. It was much fun. (She went with Benjamin.)

    I’m with Bewildertrix on Bronte. It just reminds me of donkeys. Love the wroters, but forget it as name choice. It is seriously lacking in asthetics.

      1. Also, don’t forget that NY is made up of more than Manhattan and the hipster areas of Brooklyn. There are also the less hip Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and the sad Staten Island. It’s not all cool people and thin mommies in skinny pants. 😉 There are a lot of places where girls with bleached, frizzy hair get their weekly manicures and tsawk like dis.

    1. I know an Australian Bronte in her 30s. I assumed her name would be pronounced “Bron-tay” but she says “Bron-tee”. Not very nice sounding, despite the romantic connotations evoked by the literary reference.

  4. At least Montanna isn’t Montannah. The addition of the typical Aus/Kiwi H worsens things.

    And LMAO at Lillemor. I remember one Swedish person online quick to kick heads over anyone considering it. I think she was more irked that people not familiar with it were deliberately mispronouncing it LILY more (using it as a ‘kewl’ Lily alternative) which is fair enough. She went to great lengths to try to explain how the Lille- and the -mor were actually said. Of course it’s musty status and twee meaning came into it too.

    Ugh to Bronte. It’s a semi-regular sight in the Aussie BAs. I wonder if they’d had found Brunty as appealing? And they tend to have sibs called Jhye and Jaiden also.