Calendar Number 30
Calendar Number 30 (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

It’s the last Sunday in 2012!  Are you ready to ring in the New Year?  My Predictions for 2013 Baby Names are posted, and I have champagne in the refrigerator, so we’re about as ready as it gets.

The name news towards year’s end always tends towards lists, but there was quite a bit of interesting other stuff in the name ‘verse this week:

  • British Baby Names profiled Georgina as the name of the week.  I’m a huge fan of all the feminine forms of George, including Georgia and even Georgette.  I’m always surprised Georgina isn’t more of a hit.
  • I am the least crafty person to ever follow the Honest to Nod blog, but I’m in it for occasional sightings of great names, like this one – Clyde!
  • True story: when I walk places by myself – which is often – my brain almost always starts generating possible name combinations for multiples.  The answers to this question at Nameberry was like strawberry ice cream!  Freya55’s answer was one of my favorites: Rosalie Memphis and Lucille Clover.  Classic and edgy, all at once.  But little_cupcake’s Octavia Snow and Isadora Maple were a close second.
  • Ooh .. they used Marigold!  It’s such a great name.
  • Seren is big in South Wales.  That’s an exciting #1 name.
  • A comprehensive list of celebrity births from the past year – what are your favorites?  I’m wild about Caspian.
  • My daughter’s Christmas gifts included a teddy bear named Zylie.  In 2011, ylie remained a big piece for girls’ names: Kylie was the most popular, followed by Rylie, Brylie, Mylie, Khylie, Rhylie, Skylie, Tylie, Wylie, Xylie, Lylie, Shylie, and yes, Zylie.  Color me surprised at Tylie.

One last random thought: how lost do I get in the Baby Name Game forum at Nameberry?

That’s all for now … thanks for reading all year long, and wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013!

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  1. One of my former co-workers named her daughter Georgina. It suits her, but it still reminds me of the bad girl from Gossip Girl. (Yes I watched that show at 27.)

    1. Heh. I watched it, too … and I was 35 when it debuted … And yes, Georgina makes me think of Michelle Trachtenberg’s scheming character, too!

  2. Ah Georgina, one of my favorite names, but then my grandmother was a Georgene and I think Georgina would be the easiest way to honor her. Plus Georgina puts a little more space between the name and the state/country for me.