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Christmas is just a week way, and I’m thoroughly enjoying Elea’s Advent Calendar. In less-specifically-festive name news:

  • I do like Anna’s suggestion of Vega, really for any time of the year. And Talitha – wow, I adore Talitha!
  • Look – For Real found a Nicodemus! And a Mathias Blade. Add that middle name to the list of Other Than Danger
  • The antidote to every claim that unusual names and varied spellings are a 21st century phenomenon: Zeffy’s list of seventeenth century marriages in Cornwall. Joane, Jone, and Paciens all make the brides’ list, as well as Applyn. As for the grooms? Oates, Madren, and Hercules all appear.
  • Nook is trying to help a couple name Peregrine’s siblings-on-the-way, genders unspecified. They only need two for their twins, but you could name the incoming class of Hogwarts with these appealing choices: Ptolemy, Rufus, Rafferty, Amable, Ianthe, Estrella.
  • Speaking of lovely lists, Eponymia visits the 1960s and finds Imre and Minna waiting.
  • On another note, this is a quandary – your first child’s name honors a loved one. Now you’re expecting #2, and you want to match the same style – or at least not clash terribly – even though it means limiting your list.
  • At Nameless No More, Kate is taking the text files from the Social Security Administration and compiling some lists. From her 5000 to 5100, I’m most intrigued by Austen, Zabrina, and Belicia.
  • Even more daring: Lou’s suggestion of Libellule, the French word for dragonfly. It does sound like a wearable risk. Plus, you could use Lulu as a short form.
  • Baby Name Wizard declared Siri the Name of the Year. She made Nameberry’s list, too.

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. I thought Vega was pretty too!

    Wow I just loved Kay’s ideas for twins – intriguingly, her friend lives in Australia … will be scanning birth notices!

  2. I have a very good friend named Talitha…her family calls her Lita and at work she is called Lalita sometimes as a joke. Very strong biblical name and unique since it is not a specific person but words spoken by Jesus.

  3. I find all the comments on Swistle’s website about Lennox being a “contemporary, masculine, surname name” rather funny since Agatha Christie used Lennox on a female character back in the 1920s. Granted, that still makes its useage less than 100 years old, but it was my first introduction to the name, surname or given.

  4. Ah, I love Libellule. So sweet and pretty. There was a board I used to frequent in which there was a woman who loved dragonflies so much that she wanted to name her daughter, Libellule.