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  1. I love Mel for naming his baby Lucia! And he has a great eye for names, because his other children have great names too.

  2. Definitely some interesting naming news this week, I particularly like Tobin Jack, Lucia and Willow Lenora. With the latter, I like the balance of modern vs 18th-century chic. I also really like Kai, but not Wayne too much, I think they are too abrupt together.

    October is definitely an interesting name, its a bit of a guilty pleasure, I’ve liked it ever since I saw it in a movie with Dominique Swain and Edward Norton called Down in the Valley. Dominique Swain plays a character named October, whom they affectionately call Tobe.

    Flora Isabella Minette is very sweet, I like Hero Charlotte Moranna in a weird way.

  3. Yikes! Kalob makes me want to say kay LOB – like I’m throwing the letter k.

    I love the idea of getting Verity from Vera!

  4. Verity is on our lists should another future child be a girl. Since Roseanna was named after her paternal grandmother, we’ve thought it might be nice to choose a name based on my own mother’s name, which is Vera. Plus, it cuts down the endless-debates-that-lead-nowhere.

    My husband and I have just joined a couples Bible study at which we met a couple with a little boy named Kalob. My eyes nearly leaped out of my sockets when I realised how “Caleb’s” name was spelt.

  5. I can’t help it, I see Snoo, and I think of Futurama. There was an episode where they landed on the planet of Amazonia, and they called sex ‘snoo-snoo’. This is the only thing I can think of when I hear Snoo. Maybe it’s a typo for Snow?

  6. Don’t panic! Snoo is a familial middle name. The actual surname is rather nice. A diminutive of Alice 😉 If the Brits gave up their Boo-ness for Snoo-ness, I’d think it was time to go rock in fetal position in a dark corner somewhere.

    I had a little squee over spotting Hero (Charlotte Moranna) too. I think I’ve seen another Hero since June this year when this particular Hero was born. I will have to check.

    Pollys are springing up in the Times and the Telegraph every week. It’s great.

    1. No, I’m mistaken. It was 2008 – a Hero Petra. Must have been a Times’ Hero I’m thinking of. Incidentally, Hero Charlotte Moranna’s mother is a Henrietta which is fab.

    2. Boo, Snoo, schwoo!

      I’m not brave enough to use Hero, but I just love to see her in the BAs.