summer baby names showdown girls quarterfinalsEvery March brings a major play-off, a showdown of the greats.

It’s March Madness Baby Names, of course.

Sure, there’s basketball that month, too. But ’round here, it’s all about the names.

And since this so very strange summer will see the NBA re-start their basketball season in July, we’re hosting a very special tournament of our own. All of the past winners of March Madness Baby Names are competing in a title for all-time champion.

Our opening round did two things: first, it narrowed the list from nine to eight contenders. But, more importantly, it established brackets. The most popular name takes the #1 seed, and so on.

On to the results: we bid farewell to Tess, the 2020 March Madness Baby Names champion. The remainder of the names rank this way:

  1. Genevieve
  2. Sylvie
  3. Margot
  4. Louisa
  5. Eliza
  6. Wren
  7. Cora
  8. Isla

So that means it’s time to vote! Choose your favorite name, either the one you’d use for a daughter … or maybe the one that thrills you when you hear it in another family.









Voting remains open through Wednesday, July 15th. Check back on Thursday, July 16th to see which names advance. And, of course, to vote in the SemiFinals!


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