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Spike Lee; Image via Wikipedia

For one fleeting second, I thought this was a wild rumor when Photoquilty posted it to the AppMtn Facebook group earlier today.

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  1. I haven’t watched soap operas since college and yet I remember that there was a baby named Spike on “All My Children.” (it’s also Snoopy’s brother’s name.)

    Spike seems like an in utero nickname, not a name that parents would actually put on a birth certificate.

  2. Hmm, I actually kind of like it, and I’ve never seen Buffy. I think I would prefer a less aggressive first name with Spike as a nn (a la Shooter Jennings’ Waylon nn Blackjack). But I do like that it rhymes with Mike, though maybe I like that cuz DH is a MIke 🙂 But i think Spike might be a tad difficult to wear if he’s the bookish sort. Though I guess the same could be said for Slade and Cannon…

  3. My first thought was of Spike from Buffy as well. You know Spike’s real name was William, he was often called William the Bloody because his poetry was bloody horrible. And then he started killing people with railroad spikes and the name…just stuck.

  4. I sort of like it … probably because I used it as a hypothetical baby name on my blog, needing an example of something or other, and whenever a celebrity uses a baby name from my blog, I always think they got it from me. Even when they have some other story to explain it … 😉

    I do know a lot of dogs called Spike, but it seems like whenever says what their baby is called, someone goes, “Oh I have a dog with that name”.

    1. It’s so true – human names are all over the dog world!

      Unfortunately, the number of dogs I’ve met with my name hasn’t been major, but 2 of 3 have been chihuahuas. :-/

      1. Cute! 🙂 I haven’t met a dog with my name yet … I think my name might go better on a cat actually.

  5. I’m not sold. I really don’t like violent names or weapon names, especially. This is one of my few naming pet peeves!

  6. Um…have we confirmed that Meyers didn’t have his rep tell everyone the name is Spike as a joke? Because it seems that ridiculous.

    Also, My first thought was that his next babies would be Buffy and Angel. Because I am a nerd.

      1. Elvis Costello recorded an album called Spike in … 1989, maybe? It has a big blue spike with his head on the top of it … not one of his most iconic recordings. I think the big single was “Veronica.” For the record, this knowledge is somehow, mysteriously, top of mind, and I still have to look up who our representative is in Congress.

        1. Okay, just Googled the album cover and my memory is flawed. His head is coming out of a big ol’ crest with the “i” in Spike spelled with a spike, which is driving into his head … Y’know, I have vivid recall of album covers up through high school – the lips on “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me,” that greenish tint and pinkish lettering on “The Queen is Dead,” Billy Idol’s electric shock hair, the Go Gos on water skis, the dirty hidden pictures you needed to get a magnifying glass to see in that Iron Maiden album … but now that they just show up on my iPod, they barely register …

  7. Not a fan of the uber macho names like Spike, Colton, Gunnar, Shooter, etc… I once knew a mom who named her kid Cutter, I mean seriously?

    But Spike to me will always remind me of Spike from Buffy.

  8. I’m thinking the mohawk-sporting leader of the Gremlins when I see Spike… ahhh, the 80s… but I don’t think it’s all that ‘out there’ really when all things are considered. I even kinda like in on a nn level.

    1. Nah. Although I’m not a fan of the name, Spike is a lot more interesting. Plus I like all the wacky celebrity name choices haha, they’re fun to read about.

  9. I can hear in my head Mike Myers in his fake Scottish accent saying “Spike”. I can also hear Jimmy Fallon saying it. I associate it with the director first, spiking the football second, and tent spikes third, so … It could be worse.