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  1. I have to say that after thinking about these names for a couple of weeks to see if my initial “YUCK” reaction would temper. Nope. Still hate them. Monroe sounds like a boys name. Seriously, it sounds like she has a pair of boy twins, except one has a middle name and one doesn’t. And they BOTH sound like weapons to me. Monroe Cannon. Gatling Gun. Moroccan Cannon. Tomahawk Missile.

    (then again my gut reaction to Monroe may be because of President Monroe, the namesake for most Monroe St/Ave etc out there).

    I will say that however much I dislike J Lo (and I dislike her a lot), at least she got her twin names mostly right. I somewhat cringe at Emme and Max but at least they are recognizably gendered names (of course if I’d had the naming, they’d have been Emmeline and Maximilian with Emme and Max as the nicknames).