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  1. Wow, I’m super-impressed that they kept this a secret all throughout the celebrations and scandals of the last few months (I feel really terrible for their family, by the way — Sandra Bullock so desperately wanted a healthy family life).

  2. Is Bardo another in reference to Bardot (like David Boreanz daughter). Is this a new trend in Hollywood?

  3. Love the name. Totally do not believe those Hollywood types that they can’t escape the paps most of the time – she kept a BABY secret for MONTHS… I mean, the ex and his kids were in on it and even kept their gobs shut… now I just wonder is Bardo said BAR doe or bar DOE? Now that I know it’s Louis like Louie, I’m thinking bar DOE – it flows better.

    1. I’ve heard it as bar-DOE on the TV and such. So that’s what I’d think.

      And I couldn’t believe how well it was kept secret. Not only did the entire family not spill, no one in the adoption agency even broke for a couple bucks. I mean, not even a janitor or anyone reported seeing her. Good for her, I say!

  4. It’s a really good name, love the story behind it and I can’t believe they managed to keep him a secret for so long!

  5. On the Today show they shared that his name is inspired by Louis Armstrong (it’s said Lou-ee, not Lou-iss) because we she saw him all she kept hearing was “What a Wonderful World”. I think that’s really lovely, actually

  6. He’s ADORABLE ! I think his name is perfect considering he’s from New Orleans. I truthfully wish her all of the best – she deserves it after everything that’s happened lately. Lovely name for an adorable child & his wonderful mother.