Starbaby News: Welcome Harper Seven Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham

After speculation that they’d name their darling daughter Atlanta or Justice or Gucci or something startlingly unusual, the Beckhams, those ever-so daring baby namers, have dubbed their daughter Harper Seven.

Harper wouldn’t be surprising most places in the US. Amongst the glamorous, she’s as average as Emily. Dave Grohl, Lisa Marie Presley, Neil Patrick Harris, Tiffani Thiessen … who doesn’t have a Harper?

But Harper is a great name. It works well with brothers Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. Plus Seven is completely daffy and stylish at once – very Beckham-esque. It does remind me of creepy crime thriller Jennifer Eight – but nonetheless, I like the unexpected kick of the number in the middle.

What do you think?

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I dont hate it but all I see is Harper Steven. Which makes it so much harder for me to realize the name is for a girl.

I can’t figure out how to reply in the right place, but thanks for your comments on my novel-names. Mason is supposed to be the oldest, b. late 90s and Marlo the youngest, b. late 00s. Thanks for commenting!

Harper Seven doesn’t really scream girl, does she? Victoria made late-in-pregnancy comments about liking to dress girls in a more conventionally feminine style – we’ll see if that means pink stripey tees or the full-on Suri Cruise approach. It is interesting to me that parents’ naming style doesn’t necessarily translate to other aspects of parenting. I always think that with Toddlers & Tiaras – I’d expect them all to be called Anastasia Elisabetta Raquelline Mae or something equally feminissa, but instead they’re all Hailey and Madison, relatively boyish choices.

While I thought they’d go feminine after three boys for sure – my vote was Dahlia Caroline – I’m not at all disappointed by Harper’s name. You’re right. There are lots of Harper’s in Hollywood. But, none of them will have the influence that Harper Beckham most certainly will. Do I think Harper is trendy? No. She’s on trend. She’s subtly unisex, and I say subtle because she’s one of the more feminine “unisex” names if you ask me, and she’s a literary surname. She’s just a great name! In my view, many of the H “unisex” names are – Harper, Hayden, Hollis, Hadley, Halsey – I like them all.

Seven is odd. I honestly don’t consider the Beckham name style to be that odd. Brooklyn isn’t weird. Maybe he was when the boy was born, but we’ve been using place names for a while. Romeo? Sure, he’s mythological and whatnot, but not entirely absurd. And, Cruz. Not commonplace in our English-speaking countries, but again, not unheard of. Not “crazy.” Seven? Weird. But, at the same time, so very not weird. All the reasons they chose Seven are cool! Harper was seven pounds, they said, and she was born in the seventh month, on the seventh day of the week, during the seventh hour, even? And, can we not forget to mention Daddy’s jersey number? In all likelihood, Harper is the last Beckham child. Why not pay tribute to good ole dad’s legacy with “Seven.” I agree that you shouldn’t use two unisex names in one child’s name, and Harper Seven doesn’t really follow that rule, but I’m okay with it because I consider Harper girly compared to other “unisex” names – also, Tiffani Thiessen’s Harper Renn doesn’t quite make the cut, either.

Finally, I see why they chose Seven, but after using such classics in the middle for their boys, I was shocked! Brooklyn Joseph (one of David’s middle names), Romeo James, and Cruz David. I guess if I were them, and I really wanted Seven in there, I’d give Miss Harper two middle names. I’d choose from Victoria, Caroline (Victoria’s middle name), Georgina (David’s mom’s middle name and his sister’s middle name), Jacqueline (Victoria’s mom), or Louise (Victoria’s sister and David’s sister’s middle name). Thus, I propose they change Harper’s name to…wait for it…Harper Carolina Seven Beckham! Carolina = Caroline + Georgina. Done!

Lemon, I think your distinction between “trendy” and “on trend” is a good one. Trendy is dismissive, but on trend honors the reality that even the most classic names come in and out of fashion.

I’m fine with Seven–it’s a quirky, unisex, word name that has a special meaning to them. A nice choice for the middle name. I used to watch Star Trek: Voyager, and I got used to a character named Seven (Jeri Ryan).

I don’t like how Harper Beckham sounds out loud. Plus it has the “law firm” sound of surnames strung together.

Like everyone else, I expected her to have a first name with a distinctly “not-British” feel. Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz sound American, Italian and Spanish respectively. Maybe Brigitte or Maiko?

Liz, I’m pretty sure their middle names are the shockingly normal Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David. I’m pretty underwhelmed by Harper Seven, it’s not at all what I expected. Harper seems like a standard celebrity name as everyone has already mentioned and not at all in line with their usual standards. Seven is more what I would have expected, perhaps preceded by a more feminine first name though.

I think it’s interesting that we just had a huge discussion on here about unisex names and one of the general consensus seemed to be that they ought to be paired with a gender specific middle name. Harper Seven? I would have no idea if that’s male or female. Harper Victoria, however, would have been lovely. While I don’t care for Harper myself, it’s not that horrible.

I said this over at FB and I’ll reiterate: Harper and Brooklyn sound like 2 sisters while Romeo and Cruz sound like 2 brothers. Although, maybe kudos to them for choosing another unisex name??

I agree about your match-ups, although while Romeo and Cruz sound like two brothers; Harper & Brooklyn sound like a sibset that could be truly either two girls, two boys, or one of each. But in terms of style, those are the two couplings. What do you all think of this sibset: Mason, Lorna, Cedric, & Marlo? It’s for a novel I’m working on.

I agreee, siblings named Brooklyn and Harper could be any combination. I guess what I meant is that knowing Harper is a girl, a sibling named Brooklyn sounds like it would be a girl, and vice versa.

My opinion about your sibset is that Mason is kind of the odd one out. Maybe I’m just all Mason-ed out by Kourtney Kardashian, but it sounds uber-trendy to me whereas Lorna, Cedric, and Marlo sound like a vintage-ish, classic, and kind of Southern set. Hope that helps πŸ˜‰

I agree too. If i looked at the sibset I’d assume that Brooklyn and Harper were sisters since Romeo and Cruz look comparatively much more masculine. I think Brooklyn and Harper match up okay as unisex names, but Brooklyn might look to Romeo and Cruz and feel he got the short straw.

It depends. Are these kids born in the last decade or so? If so, I agree that Mason feels like the odd one out – unless there’s a backstory, like it is their mother’s maiden name. If we’re talking about another historical period, Marlo might stick out – though by today’s standards, Lorna and Marlo sound like sisters to me, and Cedric seems like a brother to either. Though Lorna and Marla might be slightly more intuitive, depending on the story’s setting and character’s bios.

I adore Septime – more subtle, but then, after Brooklyn’s name, I’m not sure subtle is their speed!

It sounds like a boy, and Harper is already popular, so I’m unimpressed like a lot of people here. I actually feel sorry for her for having such a masculine name…
Harper Luna Septima, now that would have impressed me! I would have rejoiced.
I saw someone mention her being named after Harper’s Bazaar, Bazaar in the middle spot would have been more intriguing, if difficult to get to work.

Soo boring. What is she, the fifth or sixth celebrity baby Harper? Ignoring the fact that I have an extreme personal aversion to Harper ( mostly because of its surname status, and its harpyish sound) it’s just so trendy and unpredictable. And Seven?? That’s not even unique, either.

I’m really disappointed. I expected something really feminine for their first girl, and instead they give her a masculine name and a number. Not impressed.

I think Harper is awful – it sound HARsh to me and I dislike random-surnames-as-names generally. And I can’t share your enthusiasm about Seven; I wouldn’t give a number name to a pet, much less a child.

I wish they’d gone with an English classic – Victoria herself has one of the loveliest of these names – but that was probably too much to hope for. I’d heard a rumour that they were going to call her Felicity and that would have been a much better choice in my opinion, not only because it flows better with Beckham. It wouldn’t be totally out of place with her brothers’ names, either.

I like Harper OK, but I don’t like the combo of Harper and Seven. Kind of a jolt. I think they should have done something more unusual for a first name.

I am surprising even myself by saying this but I love Harper (would never use it myself) for their daughter as it’s also a subtle musical allusion to how Posh got famous. A harper is one who harps, after all πŸ™‚ Seven, well I’ve played a D&D character named Seven before.

(the main reason I’d never use it is because of Stephen Harper, a politician I utterly despise)

The Beckhams said they would give their daughter a name that reflected something significant about their lives during the pregnancy; I guess Harper is meant to be after Harper’s Bazaar, which Victoria has been very involved in (has her own blog or something as well with them I think).

I thought she would have a traditional middle name like her brothers, but I guess new naming rules for girls!

Being a footie fan I got the seven reference immediately, but wondered why they used it for their daughter and not Brooklyn in the first place.

I think Brooklyn may come out of this thinkng he has the “girliest” name of all still, definitely compared with Romeo and Cruz, but even maybe Harper too?

Harper is a really nice name. I liked it a even more five years ago before you heard it on every playground. Seven reminds me a of the “Seven” Seinfeld episode – it’s a joke.

Harper is already so trendy. I think Miss Harper Beckham might succeed in sending the name to the top of the charts – top 30 at least.

I’m not Canadian, but I read the name as Harper, Steven Beckham.

Harper is one of the few surnames I like… but I expected something more feminine and unusual like Flavia or Leda.

I feel a little disappointed because just liked you said, “who doesn’t have a Harper? in Hollywood.” I expected something more, although I do like the quirky Seven in the middle. I figured they would go with something girly/unique after three boys, but I’m glad they didn’t keep us in suspense and announced her name quickly.

Now let’s hope Kate Hudson announces her son’s name soon. πŸ™‚

I loved it. Harper’s popular, but a lovely name overall. Also concur on the Seven.. a bit gauche but also pretty endearing (obviously a sweet tribute to David), just like the Beckham family.