Gillian Anderson, mom to Piper and Oscar, has welcomed her third child – a son called Felix! We’re a bit late reporting the news, but couldn’t help bring it up for two reasons:

  1. What a fabulous name!
  2. Anyone else think that Oscar will fling his toy dinosaurs all over the playroom while Felix arranges his race cars by color?

Congrats to the new parents.

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  1. My Oscar has a preschool classmate named Felix, and when I tell people about it (“Oscar has a friend named Felix! Haha!”), I’d say that only 30% of people remember the Odd Couple.

    1. Wow, that’s really sad. I mean it’s not just a TV show, it’s a classic play. But congrats on having an Oscar! I love that name!

  2. Really? Wow! I didn’t watch a lot of TV as a kid but what I did watch stuck with me, I think forever! 🙂 Little Piper Maru was born in 1994, according to IMDb. The X Files episode (also according to IMDb, aired in 1996. According to the trivia there, the episode was named for the girl, indeed (you have to look up the episode and scoll down to trivia). Still not my thing, but if she’s happy with it, more power to her. I still like Gillian Anderson, despite our differences over girls names! ;D

  3. I read an article forwarded to me by Hippy that said Gillian was unaware of TOC connection. (I tried posting a link, but I don’t believe it will let me.)

    I also heard The X-Files episode was named after her dd. Am I wrong on that?

  4. Everytime I see this set mentioned online, I’m humming “the Odd Couple” theme song in my head, I love that tune! But then, I’m a classical & jazz fiend. 😉 I do like them together, probably because of them. I’m the opposite of Another, I’ve always dug Oscar but have only recently begun to like Felix. I’d use Oscar in a heartbeat; he goes with all my kids and I love his feel but his popularity scares me a bit. Felix, OTOH, is a bit too cat with a brother Leo, even if there is a huge gap in ages.

    I’m convinced she’s aware of the link, she’s 40, after all and a Chicago native. She probably watched it as much as I (41 years old) did as a kid. (have you seen her new IMDb picture? Wow! 😀 )
    Actually, it takes a bit of chutzpah to use that pair. And I do like them together because of the pop culture link. I understand Piper was from her first marriage; I wonder if her tastes have really changed or if her girls/boys style is just so disparate? I’d love to know what Felix would have been named if he’d been born with girl parts. Because I adore her boy style, not so much her girl style. Piper makes me cringe inwardly (and worse, she’s Piper Maru, an X Files episode for goodness sake).

    Okay, before I go off ranting about that, I’ll stop now. 😀

  5. I think it’s pretty cheesy to put those two names together. I like Felix but have never liked Oscar. Together, all I hear is the Odd Couple theme song. How tacky.

  6. Oh I think they work fabulously together! Oscar and Felix is the dynamic duo, but adding Piper in makes it quite adorable!

    I quite love Felix, moreso than Oscar, and Piper’s one of my faces!