Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn welcomed their third daughter, Emery Hope, yesterday. Reports indicate that mom and baby are doing well.

Their older girls are called Finley Faith and Avery Grace, so her middle name is not a shocker. And Emery fits right in with the last-names-first, borrowed-from-the-boys choices Finley and Avery.

What strikes us as interesting is that Angie told reporters that she planned to choose a “unique” baby name. We’ll concede that Emery is no Madison – she ranked a mere #571 last year – but that means more than 500 female Emerys were born last year alone. That’s not common, but it’s far from unique. Factor in the popularity of Emily, Emma and Emerson and this one starts to sound rather ordinary.

And here we were hoping to end the year with something to top Zuma and Bronx.

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  1. I have no idea who these people are but don’t care too much for Finley, Avery or Emery – all way too trendy for my liking. What’s more, I find Faith, Hope and Grace together seriously twee.

  2. Keep in mind that I love Angie and Jason. I just think they should have put more thought into their children’s names.

  3. I don’t like Emery at all! I don’t like Finley and Avery either and while the middle names aren’t too bad, they are very boring. I feel soooo bad for these kids for having to grow up with such unsophisticated trendy names. 99.999999% of trendy names are evil and stupid to me and make me think of the parents as unsophisticated too.

    Also, Emery reminds me of those things you file your nails with, and not a good association for me either. I don’t like how gritty they feel and the noise they make when you’re filing sounds like nails on a chalkboard, only worse.

  4. Well, these names don’t inspire me either. (Emery kind of makes me think of Emory in GA – the college… and emory boards, like everyone else said.) And the middle names theme is kind of pedestrian. Individually I like the names, dispite their popularity, and as a middle name I think they each work, but viewing them like this, as a collection is kind of “gak” inducing. Having said that, as individuals, the kids aren’t going to be telling everyone they meet that their siblings have themed middle names. But, then again, everyone has their own opinions on names – that’s half the fun of it! I also find it difficult to feel badly for kids with as much priveledge as these tots are likely to have – even with unispiring names. In any case, welcome to little Emery and congrats to the third-time parents!

  5. It’s OK. I’m not a big fan of most surname names for girls or boys’ names on girls (except ones that have become nearly entirely feminine). Of the 3 I like Avery the best. These 3 names do sound like one set of parents named all three. Yes, the middle names are kind of boring. Emery boards… that’s right.. I didn’t think of it immediately:) Yes, because of associations with Emma, Emerson etc., does not sound as unusual as it might otherwise.

  6. They might as well have named all the kids the same name. Dumb. It’s certainly not the worst name ever, just so uninspired. It bores me.

  7. There’s an Emery )or is it Emory?) in Ethan’s MusikGarten class. I want to ask if her middle name is Board. Such a bad, bad choice for a name. (Although I must concede that the Emery we know is a very sweet, very cute little girl.)

  8. See, no one but us namenerds really remember what “unique” really means!
    I’m not surprised by their choice nor am I enchanted by it. I find Emery to be singularly uninspiring and Grace is, well, just *yawn* anymore. Grace as a first name would be less yawn inducing. I’m not terribly offput either; it seems very “them”. And as long as there’s no one holding a gun to my head telling me I have to use names like that, I’m actually rather happy with it, it means the great names are still available for us mere mortals to use! 😀

    1. LOL, Lola! You’re exactly right.

      I think I agree with the general sentiment. The names are fine – not exciting, not scarring to the child. Just a bit dull. I might not have even noticed (though Angie was my favorite L&O ADA, hands down) except that she made those comments about a unique name.

      In the “Little Lady” series of novels by Hester Browne, Melissa’s sister is called Emery. Turns out it was because the minister performing her baptism misunderstood the name – she was supposed to be Emily. And I think the character mentions disliking being called “Emery Board,” too.