Just weeks after former vampire David Boreanz welcomed the outlandishly-named Bardot Vita, former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. bestowed the decidedly normal Charlotte Grace on their new arrival.

Charlotte ranked #87 in the US last year; Grace has been in the Top Twenty in recent years, but last year slipped to #21.

Now I can’t help think that Charlotte Bardot would’ve been a cool name.

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  1. I didn’t even know she’d had a kid, but that’s a nice name. Not my favorite ever, but Charlotte is cute. It seems like a slightly heavy name for a baby-baby, but not in a bad way, and it does seem to fit quite well for even a toddler. Grace is kind of boring, but it’s a middle name… at least the kid won’t have to spend her life explaining her middle name as I have! (Eyan, pronounced Ian… my mom honoring her Vietnamese friend whose name was spelled Yen, and then stylizing it. People refuse to hear anything other than “Ann”)

    Bardot Vita? Vita is nice, I guess, but Bardot? Bardy, Bar-bar, doh-doh? Doh is about right!

  2. Being a Kiwi, this name combination is as common as mud down here. Charlotte is #5 down from #1 in 2006.

    Not my bag at all. Plainness aside, I just vehemently dislike both names although I love the mention of Vita again.

    Lots of celebrities have very normally named offspring. Looking at some fabulously detailed celebrity baby name lists (both major and minor players) I’d say there’s more normal than wacky. We just hear more about the Thrush Warblers, Tangerine Starlights and Captyn Taskmastyrs.

  3. Nooooooo!!!!! Not another reason for my own name to become more popular! When I was born, Charlotte was relatively unused, now there’s little Charlottes popping up everywhere *sigh*

    1. Sorry, Charlotte. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’m among the only 30-somethings called Abby, but at the playground? I’m constantly turning, only to realize it is a mom calling after her same-named toddler.

      1. My friend Grace (we’re early 40s) feels the same way. I get kind of excited to meet any kid Elizabeth these days, but there are tons my age.

  4. It’s uber-girly and not my thing, but I do like it better than the crazy weird ones. Well, except that the crazy weird ones are such fun to marvel at!

  5. It’s a gorgeous name, definitely mainstream and surprisingly so. Kind of refreshing to see a Hollywood couple not trying so hard to find something unusual.

  6. Very pretty! Exactly the type of combo I would have picked before I started tracking the stats for popularity and following this blog. Now I lean more toward the less common classics with a little more stand out power.

    But Photoquilty makes a good point. For a Hollywood couple choosing something this mainstream actually is bucking the trend. So maybe little Charlotte Grace will stand out in her world!

  7. I think it’s so great that Sarah and Freddie opted out of that Hollywood naming nonsense! Charlotte is such a pretty, feminine, soft name. Paired with Grace, it’s probably the girliest name ever. At first, I was thinking how unfortunate it was that she went with such a mundane middle name, but seriously, how many people follow naming trends? She might not even know that it’s one of the most popular middle names. All inall, it’s a truly pretty name and I think they did a nice job. I mean, it’s soooooooooo much better than Apple, Sparrow, or Pilot Inspektor.