I like David Boreanaz. I liked him as a vampire, and I love him on Bones. So much that I graciously overlooked it when he named his son Jaden Rayne.

But he and wife Jaime have just announced the birth of their newborn daughter.

And her name? Is Bardot. Bardot Vita.

Which leaves me wondering what Nicole Richie will name Harlow’s little sister if the baby is a girl …

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  1. That said, I had no idea that Brigitte Bardot had said all those things. I just thought of campy cutsy French films from her hayday. After reading about that, the name Bardot will definitely leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

      1. Ah, but see … yes, we’re way off topic. But baby names really aren’t trivial. I wonder if the proud parents considered just how much Bardot could uncork …

        That said, I do like Vita.

  2. I just wanted to chime in and say that Islam is a religion and not a race. Muslims are comprised of various different ethnicities and races and cultures, black, white, asian i.e. I think many Muslim people would be offended being mushed into one large group and thought of as all the same. That’s like calling all Catholics in the world a different race when, like Muslims, they are made up of every race you could think of. Sorry, to go off topic, but its just a big pet peeve of mine whenever Islam is confused as a separate race rather than a separate faith or denomination.

    1. I tend to think of Islam as having specific cultural aspects in a similar manner to Judaism. Many Jews consider themselves ethnically or culturally Jewish rather than religious (myself included) and Islam, as a religion, tends to come closer to that same idea than any other religion.

      1. I would tend to disagree with you Photoquilty. I agree with you about Judaism being considered both an ethnicity and a religion. I completely understand because I am part Jewish, Yes, I consider that being Jewish to be a part of my ethnicity. I am Polish and Jewish, yet my religion is Roman Catholic. I know many people are confused when they ask what my ethnic background is and I say that I am half Jewish and they’ll stop and say “but how can you be half Jewish and Catholic?” “I’m not half Jewish and half Catholic” I’ll say “I am half Jewish and half Polish and my religion is Catholic.”

        To me, Judaism is very specific in its identity. I don’t think there is any other group that thinks of itself as both an ethnicity and a religion. Its hard to compare Judaism and Jewishness to any other identity out there. Jews traditionally trace their roots back to one place and to a common ancestor. Muslims do not think of themselves as one ethnicity as many Jews do. They do not claim a common ancestor as Jews do. Muslims, like Christians, are descended from converts made up of several different origins and ethnicities, from all over the world and do not claim a common ancestor. Someone who is a Bosnian Muslim does not think of themselves as the same ethnicity as someone who is a Saudi Arabian and Muslim or Black African and Muslim. I know for a fact that Persians are very proud of their culture and think of themselves as a completely different group of people with a completely different culture from their Arabic neighbors, and yet, the majority of Persians and Arabs are Muslim. I know many Persians who are extremely insulted if their language is mistaken for Arabic, or if they themselves are mistaken as Arab in ethnicity, even if it was out of innocence. While at the same time, many Jewish people I grew up around will identify themselves and their ethnicity as Jewish, whether they are atheists or believers, they would also say someone who is Jewish whether they are from Russia or Persia or wherever, is the same ethnicity as them. While on the other hand, I know many Muslims, (practicing or otherwise), who, if you ask them what they would identify their ethnicity as, they would say “I am Persian” or “I am Bosnian” or “I am Palestinian” etc but they would not call themselves Muslim. I have never met a Muslim who identified their ethnicity as Muslim. Does someone of the same faith share a similar culture in that they grow up with the same set of beliefs and morals? Yes, to a certain extent, but the same can be said about Catholics or Protestants and Buddhists. Irish Catholics and Filippino Catholics, (for example), may be similar culturally in that they share the same set of beliefs and ideals because they both grew up under the same religion, but most of them would consider their ethnicity and even their race as completely different from each other. As an anecdote: one friend of mine who had a Greek Orthodox mother and a Palestinian Muslim father was a little perplexed that I would call myself half Jewish. To her, Judaism is a religion and not an ethnicity. She told me, “but I call my self half Greek and half Palestinian, my nationality is American, and I myself am not a member of any religion, I do NOT myself half Greek Orthodox and half Muslim.” I tried to explain to her that Jews think of themselves as both an ethnicity and a religion. She still seemed confused. To further illustrate my point, there are a lot of Palestinian Christians and Palestinian Muslims who live by me, they do not consider themselves a separate ethnicity, they consider themselves Palestinian first and the same people, and either Christian or Muslim second, their religion being completely different from their ethnicity. Same goes for the Iraqi Christians and the Iraqi Muslims I know, another community I live by. On the contrary, a Russian Christian and a Russian Jew for example, would tend to think of themselves as separate ethnicities, Russian and Jewish. Though I think with the younger Russian generations that is changing, but for example, my grandparents never considered themselves Russian even if Russian was the only language they knew and Russia the country they were from, they were Jewish, even if they did not really believe in God, that is because they did believe that their ancestors came directly from Israel and settled in Russia hundreds of years ago.

        I know this has gone completely off topic from what Boreanez named his daughter and whether Brigitt Bardot is a good role model because she is racist or anti-Muslim, and whether such a thing as American culture exists etc LOL, and for that I apologize.